Sunday, November 19, 2006

Week 11: 49ers 20, Seahawks 14 - Does Anyone Know How to TACKLE????

Once again, the Seahawks decided not to show up to a road game, losing to the Niners, 20-14. The D couldn't stop 49ers RB Frank Gore, who rushed for 212 yards.

The offense couldn't get a running game going, only gaining 70 yards on the ground. Senaca Wallace threw for 252 yards and 2 TDs, but also threw 3 picks. The 'Hawks had five turnovers total, and the Niners took advantage of them, scoring 13 points off of TOs.

I quit watching the game halfway through the second quarter. After seeing all the sloppy play, I had a bad feeling about the game, so I turned off the TV. I decided to beat the 49ers playing Madden 07 on my PC instead.

Oh well, at least the Lambs lost too. And I am going to say, the NFL should require head coaches to wear suits on the sidelines.

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  1. I think all 11 men on defense are color blind. This is the second team in red jerseys that ran all over them.

  2. No Marcus Trufant actually did a really good job today. He was the best player on the defense today.

    I for one would like to see Michael Boulware back in the starting lineup. Just can't keep thinking that Boulware would of made those tackles that Babs missed.

  3. I missed the last 3-1/2 quarters due to taking my kids to the Symphony. Seneca looked horrible early, and SA was apparently back to Game 1/2 form... I am certain I had a much better time than I would if I had watched this POS game.

    There is a bright spot, however--D.Jackson is #10 in NFL receiving yards, and tied for the lead in TDs. (And D.Branch is tied for 31st in the latter category.)

  4. "Game 1/2" means Games 1 & 2.

  5. Completely disappointed at effort on both sides of the ball. The run D was again spaghetti arm tackling and offense was not prepared to play...period. It appeared that we thought it was a bye week and while the effort picked up in second half, the coaching staff and players have no one to blame but themselves.

    While Seneca has made strides, he showed today why we miss Hass and SA is still looking for cutback lanes first, instead of hitting the hole..(of course there were few today).

    Also, where is the leadership on defense?? We know that Hass is the leader on O, but this team is sorely lacking a defensive "get in your face" leader.

    The glass is half full though and we do control our destiny in NFC west....get healthy, get some cohesiveness on both lines and wrap up when we tackle and we should take the NFC #2 spot.

  6. Its like you tell them one thing, they do it, but forget another thing.

    Go for game they go for inteceptions. They forget how to stop the run though. So stop the run...they forget to pass rush. So they start pass rushing, and forget how to get into position. They get into position the next game, and forget how to tackle. So the next game, they start two arm tackling, but forget to try for interceptions. They try to get interceptions, and forget how to stop the run...etc.

    Its like they shift to whatever lesson they learn each week, and forget the previous lessons...and thats just the defense!

    STILL the best team on PAPER. Execution has been horrible, and that evens them to an average team. Luckily, with their talent level, they are capable of getting back on track. I just hope they know the season is starting to close...I have big rants on this at the Blue.

  7. Sorry fellas, it's my fault, I didn't watch the whole game, only the 4th quarter. I'll root harder next week, and for the whole game. I've failed...

  8. I thought it was my fault for not donning my Seahawks sweatshirt until the second half??!! (we had an unseasonably warm Sunday in Albany!)

  9. I thought it was a penalty on me for having my favorite UFC fighter, Georges St Pierre win the title against my least favorite UFC fight, Matt Hughes. It was so dominant, that I knew I was going to pay for that happiness. : )

    For me being considered negative, I find it funny how im trying to stay positive while 90% of the remaining fanbase are going insane.

    Seahawks showed mental toughness...other wise they dont beat the Rams EITHER game...yes the Rams screwed up, but we capitalized on their mistakes in the second game. We dont give the Seahawks credit for that game, yet when we screwed up, SF capitalized on our mistakes...if the Rams loss was a fluke, why cant this one be? The Seahawks season has been a fluke thus far...lets not forget how talented we are. If there is one team in the NFL that can recover, its us.

    We SHOULD be sitting at 4-6 right now, or worse given the injuries and constant lineup changes on defense. We're healthier, things are getting into the glue needs to hold. Dont worry, be happy. Awoooo hooo hoooooo...