Friday, November 10, 2006

M____'s Keys to the Game: 2nd Lambs Edition!

It's time once again for Monkey's Meezy's Mike's Keys to the Game!

No need for a big intro for this game. It's the Lambs, at home, with the sweep and a 2 game lead in the division on the line. Enough said.

The Seahawks simply need a repeat performance of Monday night's game against the Raiders. Here are the three big things (one on offense, two on defense) that the 'Hawks need to do:

1. On offense, ESTABLISH A RUNNING GAME! Mo Morris finally got over 100 yards on last Monday. He needs another game like that on Sunday to keep the Lambs' D off balance. He got 74 yards against the Lambs last month, so I'm confident that he will do a good job.

2. On defense, SACK BULGER EARLY AND OFTEN! The 'Hawks got 9 sacks against Andrew Walter last Monday, and they sacked Marc Bulger 6 times last month, so it can be done. The more pressure that is put on Bulger, the less time he has to find Holt, Bruce, et al.

3. Also on defense, DON'T GIVE UP BIG PLAYS! Prime example, Torry Holt's last TD grab of the previous 'Hawks/Lambs game. Holt will get his catches and yards, but the Seahawks defense needs to keep him out of the endzone this time. Also don't be so focused on the Lambs' receivers that Stephen Jackson has a big game on the ground (a la Chester Taylor and Larry Johnson).

The Seahawks also need to shut down Stephen Jackson and have a good passing game of their own, but I believe that the three keys mentioned above are the most critical ones for a Seahawks victory on Sunday.

My prediction: Seahawks win (of course), 21-14. GO SEAHAWKS!!

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