Monday, November 27, 2006

Week 12: Seahawks 34, Packers 24 - Matt's Back ... in the Snow!

Matt Hasselbeck played his first game in five weeks, and led the Seahawks to a 34-24 win over the Green Bay Packers on Monday Night Football. He was rusty, as I'm sure people expected, only throwing for 157 yards and 3 INTs, but he also had 3 TD passes.

Shaun Alexander was THE MAN tonight, running for 201 yards. Unfortunately he didn't get into the endzone, but he carried the offense down to the red zone, and let Hasselbeck, D. J. Hackett, D-Jack, Jerramy Stevens, and Josh Brown score the points.

Since I work nights, I wasn't able to watch the game, so once again I will have to rely on the commentors' excellent analysis. But at least the 'Hawks have a two game lead again in the division, as it should be.

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  1. Well, Mr. Alexander gets the RB o' the week award from me.

    I'm not sure if I should give a TE of the week to Stevens for so many drops, or Mili for getting a concussion.

    And Lofa needs to go back to USC and be retaught how to tackle. WTF pro-bowler? That is prolly why Monkey is missing, like I got real quiet when SA was out, Monkey can't bear to comment because his mancrush isn't playing very well. I feel ya dog.

  2. Credit to Mack Strong, who probably played his best blocking game of the year.

    We gave up no sacks, if you dont include that interception that was ruled a fumble.

    I love where this is going. 3 of the those picks were freak plays. The Al Harris diving one was a good play on his part. Hass looked much better in half deuce.

    How about Scoobs blocking for the guy who took his kick return job? He did great, and much credit to Scoobs. Im excited I can actually say that for once.

    Burleson is doing what we've longed for for awhile.

    Our corners ALL got that pick drought ended. Maybe now they'll start jumping routes for the picks.

    Chris Spencer was shown several times, fired up. I love it. Tobeck may have lost his job.

    Left side oline led to huge plays for Shaun. On the right side, the only plays Shaun gained big on, where ones involving cutbacks to the left.

    Drops were ridiculous, but it seems everyone is all over Stevens. Apparently he dropped every pass in the game. The booing was a bit much. Yes hes been frustrating...but he was huge last year. He also needs support to do better, because like it or not---we're stuck with him for the rest of the year. And if you think he has no value, you're naiive.

    Run stopping was alot better, thanks to the LBs. Safeties seem to jump at possible run plays, which exposed them to some major passes from GB. Peterson didn't do much on the stat sheet, but he was a major factor. He kept Favre from using his legs. He really forced pressure on bootleg/rollout passes. He also came close to two picks. I held my breath when he nearly collided helmet to helmet when diving into a likewise diving Tatupu...brought back the Cammy-Beltran memory.

    Great game, and im happy we adjusted well. I think the short week may help. We could be in more snow in Denver. Plus with the short breather, we might still be hot.

    Pray to God this is legit, and not part of the inconsistent boat we've dealt with all year.

    40 carries for Shaun, 5.0+ average per carry. VERY good. First time hes been healthy since the 1st and early 2nd quarter against the Lions. Hopefully this wasnt a primetime game...either way, he looked AWESOME.

    Lastly, thank you to Seneca and Maurice Morris for getting us through that tough stretch with reasonable results. Now go sit down. :)

  3. Meezy's final analysis:

    First thing first jeramy Stevens fucking sucks cause one he's soft and doesn't have the mental toughness and two well more of number one, the guy dropped so many passes surprised he held on to the two point and TD did u see the play when he gave up on Matt, don' give up on a play thats how you loose. The boo's were legit he deserved them.

    The biggest thing about Stevens last year was his 3 dropped passes in the super bowl.

    Return game is freaking exciting as ever. I love Nate's aggresiveness but he needs to fair catch a couple before he gets cracked and then fumbles but I think he will take another one to the house.

    Alexander is freakin awesome but I can't wait till Locklear is back because Ashworth is kinda small at tackle and really doesn't get a push but atleast he stopped with the false starts. Spencer is awesome thanks for everyhting Tobeck but have fun sitting you are officially benched.

    I am so proud of my son Kelly Jennings he is our best cover corner in my opinion only problem is he has to fight for his life to make a tackle.