Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Alba's Dark Angel Award: Week 9

She's Not Under Here - Keep Looking!This is my weekly award given to the player who steps out of obscurity to help the team the most. After watching the Monday Night Football game, I'm tempted to give it to the entire Raider organization, which was just what the doctor ordered coming off a two game slide. But the Raiders are still a hated rival, even though they're in the other conference now, so no way they get any recognition from this Seahawks fan.

And after viewing the "shot heard round Mount Ranier" I nearly gave this award to Jerramy Steven's jockstrap, which seems to be the only thing keeping him from finishing the season with the Vienna Boys Choir!

But looking at the Seattle roster, the first real candidate for this award is to much maligned backup "running" back Maurice Morris, who is the first Seahawks ball carrier to break the century mark this season. Morris was effective at running the ball, which allowed the Seahawks to control the clock and get in position to score 16 points.

[Contined at Seahawks Fanhouse]

(but they don't get a hidden picture of Jessica Alba!)

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