Sunday, November 12, 2006

What I Learned... From Scraping the Lambs Off My Shoe Today

Holy cow.

With a host of unlikely heroes at this point in the season Seneca Wallace, Mo Morris, Nate Burelson, and Chuck Darby - the Seahawks walk away from this one with with hands in the air.

But what did I learn?

  1. Josh Brown is now getting bored with game winning field goals.
  2. Seneca "One-Half" Wallace needs a halftime nap if he's ever going to be productive after the 2nd quarter.
  3. You can trick everybody if you don't call a fair catch when everyone is expecting it.
  4. Bob Casullo owes Nate Burelson dinner.
  5. Seneca passed for a 114.6 QB efficiency rating - and he's going to the bench.
  6. The Seahawks defense is very much returning to it's bend-but-don't-break ways of 2005.
  7. The DB's did a great job in clutch situations, not allowing an open receiver, even when the pass rush hung them out to dry.
  8. The three-and-outs have got to stop, they're putting too much pressure on the defense.
  9. This team is 6-3 by pure heart.
  10. When Shaun and Matt come back--together--I'm going to be a giddy schoolgirl.
  11. Did Tobeck just lose his starting job?
  12. Walter Jones is finally starting to feel better, it appears.
  14. Bob Casullo didn't have anything bad happen to his unit this week - is that possible?
  15. The Lambs have a crappy gameday coach in Linehan. He couldn't be more confused if he dated a girl with four vaginas.
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    Yup. Then again, it's kinda hard to get burnt when you freezing your ass off on the bench...

  2. For those of you ready to crown Seneca as the next Michael Vick....

    Projected over a 16 game season (assuming Seneca has played 3.5 games)


    Vick: 52.4%, 2772 yd, 21 TD, 16 INT and a 73.2 QB rating.
    Seneca: 57.3%, 3086 yd, 27 TD, 18 INT and a 78.4 QB rating.


    Vick: 1156 yd, 8.4 ypc, 4 TD
    Seneca: 462 yd, 10.1 ypc, 0 TD


  3. I should add to this list: MoMo must read 12 Seahawks Street, more specifically CitK's posts, because he seems to have learned to follow his blockers all of a sudden!

  4. You gotta admit, #15 is pretty confusing.

  5. Calling Seneca the next Michael Vick isn't exactly a compliment...but the similarities are amazing. The rushing yards similarities show why I think Seneca could be BETTER than Vick. Again, not a huge compliment because Vick is a below average QUARTERBACK. Again, Seneca is much smarter thats why he doesn't run every two seconds, and trusts his receivers...though granted he has way better receivers. Nice stats, check...very impressive.

    Momo needs to be a pinball...thats all. Heres an UPDATE: Momo has been dealing with a shoulder problem for awhile, and played through it today. That is the extent thus far. Looks like he'll play again next week if needed.

    Walter Jones is in fact getting healthy. I was really worried his injury was going to linger until he was forced out for a couple games. Lucky for us, its going best case scenerio and healing despite him playing.

  6. Hey, check out this quote from after the game from Bryce Fisher:

    Linehan afterward said someone blew a route. Seahawks defensive end Bryce Fisher had another view.

    "That was," he said, grinning, "bad coaching." Chiming in from two lockers away was teammate Russell Davis: "Thank you!"

  7. I'm going to be a giddy schoolgirl.

    Freudian slip or operation?

  8. So does Dr. Mephisto from Southpark.