Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Monday Night Smack Down!

Ahh... The flowers smell sweeter, the Sun shine's brighter, and my MainSqueeze is looking awfuly good right now. When I return from ravaging her, I will continue my acholades of the Raider game....Tic Toc, Tic Toc...

Sorry for the delay. Now then, where was I? Oh yeah..It's good to see that the Raiders commitment to excellence is still the same classless orginization of thugs. Late in the game. Stevens showed steel stones as he was violated by Raider defender, Tyler Brayton. Stevens,Showing he has some disciplin and not retaliating for the crime of Jewel damage with the knee. Part of me was wishing Joe Jurivicious would have been that Seahawk, he would have defended his honorables.

As most of you know, I have been damned hard on ole Mo Morris. Not that I will take it all back, however, he had an excellent game posting 138 yards that included some break away sprints with a long of 29 yards. Seneca Wallace boasted the long dash of the night with a rush, of many, of 37 yards posting 49 for the night with a 16.7 yard average. hmmm....You thinkin' what I'ma thinkin'? Wallace's 37-yard scramble in the third quarter was Seattle's longest run of the season. ...

Deion Branch, was well, Deion Branch. I'll still kiss his butt for all of his tenure. The Hawks were as smart to snatch him, if not smarter then when they snagged Joe J from Tampa. Shouldn't have let that one get away.

Defense Showed up last night too allowing 64 yards rushing and 166 yards passing and one Goose egg allowed on the Raider scoreboard. Oh Yeah, lets not forget, 9, count'm nine Sacks and only a nano-second away from 10.

Not one interception or fumble lost in the entire 60 minutes of play. Andrew Walter did cough one up but he got it back himself. There was a blown snap that was a rotten call buy the Zebra's that should have resulted in "Touch Down Seahawks", But some fool striped shirt musta' got the whistle lodged in his throat because he blew the play dead calling it illegal motion.

Next week we will have to bite the bullet again without Sir Shaun and Matt against the Rams. May God be with us and the defense make it impossible for us to lose in a impossible situation.

MaxHawk..12 Street Writer

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  1. Did you catch Stevens downfield blocking on that massive Seneca Wallace scramble? He dominated his guy, pushing him like 20 yards away from Seneca, giving him plenty of running room. He (Stevens) may have gotten what he deserved, but I can't fault that effort.

  2. Turns out that chick he allegedly raped is related to Brayton!

  3. You're joking right?

  4. I'd be seriously scared of that dude in the pic - especially if I was sitting next to or behind this dude and the Seahawks scored a TD. I'd be afraid of losing an arm.

    Why don't we play that guy?

    And good old Joe would have *caught* Brayton's knee coming up to hit his honorables, because Joe just doesn't miss anything thrown at him.

  5. I guess I should feel special for being part of the lead in of your article. Or maybe I should be scared. Or maybe I should feel cheated because I missed out on that whole ravaging thing. But thanks for the whole looking good thing.
    Great game!! I will be a Hawks fan soon. These things take time.