Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Jerramy Stevens: Ready to Breakout or About to Bust?

I'm not the biggest Jerramy Stevens fan. I got the impression while he was in college that he might be one of those players who always leaves you wanting a little more. I felt Stevens and Seattle would have been better off without each other given his reputation, rap sheet, and the demands of the position in Holmgren's version of the West Coast offense...

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  1. People have been too hard on Stevens this year, and mostly because Joey Porter made an issue out of one harmless comment Jerramy made during Super Bowl week. It aggrevates the hell out of me when announcers say "he shouldn't have gotten into it with Joey Porter" because Stevens really had nothing to do with it. The whole thing was manufactured by Porter.

    OK, enough on that.

    Stevens had his best year as a Seahawks last season. Why? Because he was able to make EVERY pre-season workout, mini-camp and training camp. He and Matt developed a connection and timing that contributed directly to several of the 15 wins (including playoffs) we racked up in 2005.

    This year he wasn't able to put in the off season work due to his surgery and rehab, but he still has come up big on a few plays. Do the drops and lacksadasical attitude infuriate me? Sure. But there's no suprise that our running game started taking shape after JS returned to the starting lineup on a regular basis.

    Holms likes "projects" and I really think that JS will be able to turn this around. Trent Dilfer was on the radio tonight talking aobut how he's a good guy and a hard worker, and Trent doesn't mince words about former teammates and coaches. Just ask him about his tenure with the Browns!

    Anyhow, I think we're "stuck" with Stevens, as nobody's going to give him a blockbuster FA contract, and Seattle will probably make him a reasonable offer. I just can't help projecting his brief moments of brilliance, and imagine them sustained over 60 full minutes per game and a 16 game season, and think about how truly dominant and effective he could be if he applied his talents and abilities.

  2. Yup, im gonna let alba fight my battles now. Pretty much bullseyed it.

    Frankly, im sick of hearing about Stevens. Hes getting worse treatment than he deserves. Im starting to think some of our fanbase is a tad naiive to the positive things he can do.

  3. Amen, guys. He has too much upside, and we need him right now.

    BTW, I don't know if any of you listen to Sando's padcasts, but here is the postgame press conference with Hasselbeck. He has some great comments, about halfway through, regarding Stevens -- and I think it's a great, positive way to look at the situation.


  4. "But there's no suprise that our running game started taking shape after JS returned to the starting lineup on a regular basis."

    That has been my main point of positive contention for several weeks, in regards to Stevens. Morris didn't look good until Stevens came back; now SA, granted a free game after coming back from injury, seems to be back at MVP level. These performances sure as hemp didn't occur while Stevens was out. Who knows if an accurate relationship between Stevens and running success can be made? All I know is that the Hawks with Stevens can pound the ball, and without him, they can't.

    My criticism of big ol' #86 is well known. However, this has mainly to do with his character, which is of an unquestionably poor variety. His football skills are evident, though along with all Seahawkdom I wish to hemp he could make a tough catch once in a while. His touchdown catch yesterday was beautiful (though not quite as aesthetically orgasmic as was Jackson's)--I hope he builds on that play for the rest of the season.

  5. Stevens could be freaking awesome if he only
    1. Caught the damn ball when ot was thrown to him in traffic or not.
    2. Put his head on straight

    I really honestly believe this when I say it that Stevens is not mentally tough, which makes him soft.

    I want him to stay in Seattle I want him the guy to be great but he causes me too much heart break.

  6. Meezy, you've been calling him "soft" for some time now. I agree with you. I also hope he proves that inaccurate.

  7. I want Stevens to suceed as much as any Seahawks fan but man as of now he has a ton of potential and skill but for some reason isn't living up to it.

    That play when he gave up on Matt Monday night I think sums it up why he isn't great yet.

  8. Stevens seems to be the classic "depends on your expectations" kind of player. If you look at what he does, you say, "hmm... not bad." If you look at what he doesn't do, you say, "why isn't he better?" Like that exasperating end zone play; he looks for the flag instead of looking for the ball. That deserves to be booed. Still, both positions certainly have merit. He's undeniably a big play guy.

    Alba, I think the fans have been tough on Stevens but not entirely unfair to him. The boos are mostly Super Bowl hangover. It's easy to forget what a huge fan favorite Stevens was during the regular season last year. People want to root for this kid. The boos will disappear and never return if he puts up a big game in a key spot.

    I posted this piece mainly because I think Stevens is THE key to the remainder of the season, now that we are getting healthy. The defense is what it is. It's not going to get significantly better this year without Tubbs. He was the closest thing to an irreplaceable player on that side of the ball. This team was built to win on offense. In the passing game the one guy who is a consistent mismatch is Stevens. He's the one guy who is open no matter what the defense does because of his size. (If you noticed, the starting wideouts weren't getting great separation at all against Predator and Charles Woodson.) Unfortunately, Stevens is not blessed with naturally great hands. Like Alexander, he fights the ball. If I have one criticism of how Holmgren has used Stevens so far it's that his only easy catches come in the red zone. Almost every throw to him outside the red zone is going 15-20 yards in the air into traffic. Those are by definition somewhat low percentage passes. For that reason I'm a tad more accepting of some of his drops, though certainly not all. (Again, it's easy to forget that Marquand Manuel can make you drop the ball. We all saw it with our own eyes last season.) Still, one thing I'd kill to see Holmgren do is throw out the screen package to Shaun Alexander (his last big play on a screen was against Minnesota in like 2004--the game where Hutch broke his leg.) and replace it with a screen package to Stevens. Get him a catch or two that's an easy completion where he has a chance to run with the ball.

  9. Don't come in here with your well thought out and reasonable posts Dave, this is supposed to be a Jerramy Stevens rant!

  10. My bad ;-)

  11. Bloof - thanks for the link.

    Hass hit it right on the nose. The in order for this team to stand a chance at a playoff run the offense has to be great; not good--great. The offense can be good without Stevens providing the mismatches and resulting big plays but it cannot be great.

    Having said that, some degree of inconsistency with Stevens is inevitable. We Seahawks fans are gonna have to live with that at least for this year. Stevens simply does not have great hands. But Hass has it right. You have to keep throwing to him. My one suggestion is that if the big value added of the WCO is it's run after catch, then put Stevens in a position to do some of that.

  12. Right on fellas. I came stormin' in here ready to lay it down and refute a bunch of
    knee jerk reactionary crapola but all I see are well reasoned thoughtful posts. What the hell?

    Nice work. Nice write up too Dave.

  13. For once ADP and I disagree on something.
    Stevens is mentally soft, and that will never ever change. He is more concerned with how other players percieve him, than he is getting the job done, this is why he is always trash talking and showing off his muscles etc... I for one think that until he pulls his head out (which I don't believe will ever really happen) he will never be anything more than an underachiever. He has talent, size and speed, but not the focus.

  14. The problem is this unfocused underacheiver plays better in that state than a slight majority of the starting TE's in the NFL. The problem, as Davey Crockett mentioned, is our expectations of him. He gives us good reason to be frustrated.

    Remember that long pass on Monday, that he lost in the end zone? If that was Itula Mili that far downfield, anywhere near the ball, we'd all be defecating oblong adobe slabs. But we hold Stevens to a different standard, and we are egregiously disappointed.

  15. Adobe?
    What ch'you been eatin' man?

    And yes you are totally right.

  16. I can't believe you guys, I mean, I really can not believe you guys.

    Stephens is a perennial piece of shit. If you continually hope that he will turn it around, you will be forever dissapointed. He has performed this year just as he always has. He has a rap sheet longer than Ron Jeremy's .... He might be tempted to grab the ball if you put a skirt on it and turned down the house lights.

    As for the running game coming around? Please. Steven has been an average blocker at best his entire life. I attribute the running game to Womacks return, and improved coordination amongst the remaining o-linemen, not to mention the athleticism boost we get from spencer in from Robbie (I'm not down playing robbie, but his strength is in settin up the scheme and pass protection).

    Monkey is on the spot. Talent, size, athleticism, and a brain that could be challenged by retarded chimpanzee. We cannot put out hopes on a TE that got 800 combined on his SATs.

  17. Check, maybe you've forgotten your roots. This site is for Seahawk fans, being forever disappointed is in our nature. Jerramy Stevens allows us to continue to root for something that doesn't deserve it, like past Seahawk teams. If it weren't for Stevens we'd all have to become Browns fans.

    Put a skirt on the ball... LOL.

  18. Check, you seem to have forgotten your roots. This is a Seahawks fansite. It's in our nature to be disappointed. Jerramy Stevens allows us to root for something that probably doesn't deserve it, like the Seahawks traditionally... if it weren't for Stevens we'd all have to become Browns fans.

    Skirt on the ball... LOL.