Monday, November 27, 2006

Fear No Team Starts Tonight

A common phrase thrown around on various message boards is "Fear No Team". For Seahawk fans, to use this phrase in ernest is kind of weird. Those you that built that fan schooner that some people are currently jumping off of
don't have to to think back to far to the days when we more or less feared everybody.

Suddenly, we get a championship caliber coach, a high tempo offense, and a defense that can actually play and all of a sudden the expectations go up. Add in the Super Bowl run, and Fear No Team literally means "Fear No Team".

At the beginning of the season, it was still weird to look at the schedule and think twelve, thirteen wins were not out of the question. Granted, thats no longer a possibility. Injuries and inconsistant play have made this season gone down a path no one thought it would (except for maybe realist, but no one really pays attention to him).

But, as we sit at 6-4, the Fear No Team mentality should still be there. And it starts tonight against Green Bay.

"We have nothing to fear!" you're surely muttering right now. Of course, you probably said that last week against the 49ers. We shouldn't have anything to fear, but as they say, this is why you play the game.

But, Matt's back, Shaun's back, the 12th Man's back, and Fear No Team can be back with a dominating preformance over the Pack. If the offense can click against Green Bay and the defense can get the job done, this game can be a spring board into the home streatch of the season.

If the Seahawks click tonight, if they find "it", that elusive ingrediant that was in so many of last season's games, they can make a statement. A dominating win would say to the rest of the up for grabs NFC, the road to Miami still runs through us. The theme this Sunday was how mediocre the conference is. The Bears are turnover prone, no one want to win the South, the Giants aren't good, and sure Tony Roma's good now, but what about the playoffs?

Not that the Seahawks are without problems, but a big win tonight puts the NFC on notice: we're still here to play, come get some. Let's get that swagger back tonight.

Look at the schedule, why should we fear San Diego or Denver? Why should we fear the Bears in the playoffs? Why should we fear anyone?

If we take care of business, we won't have to fear anyone. But it all starts tonight.


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  1. Great post Alan, complete with your signature links to illustrate your thoughts.

    Take away the first quarter rust, and we DISTROY the Packers tonight. Even with 4 turnovers, we won going away. It's good to have our League MVP and team MVP back together again.

    And our defense stepped up too. The front 7 was non-existent most of the night, but getting our CBs off the INT-schnyde is a good thing.

    And what about the brilliance of having Nate returning kicks as well as punts. Every change of possession is now an exhillarating experience!

    Now, all we gotta do is get J-Steve back catching the ball, and we'll be all set.

  2. A little bit optimistic, but, I like it. We should fear no team, and the standard for this team still needs to be perfection. The missed tackles need to be corrected, and the secondary needs to play tighter, and the turnover ratio needs to improve. But, really no one can look at this team and honestly say that we've played our best. And yet, here we 7-4 in great shape in the division and in the hunt for the #2 spot in the division.

    Fear no team, but, never celebrate too much either. Beating Denver at home is a daunting task. Let's go rattle their quarterback and kick their behinds...40 carries for 200 yards is a good way to start. Back to the bread and butter...

  3. Wonder why someone went back and re-read a really old post.