Monday, November 27, 2006

Keys to the game? How about key to the SEASON

Looking at the outcome of some of yesterday's games, there is still a glimmer of hope to the Seahawks earning HFA in the playoffs. With the Bears taking a boot to the head, the Rams and 49ers taking turns knocking each other out of the NFC West hunt, the Holy Grail of home field is still within reach, provided that Seattle can finally get a run together.

Which takes us to tonights game vs. the inglorious cheeseheads - at first glance, there are the usual overplayed storylines of Holmgren, Farve, Hasselbeck, and whatever the hell else, other than football, that the media likes to talk about. But the real story today is that this season is at a critical juncture for the Seahawks.

Hasselbeck and Alexander are playing together (supposedly healthy) for the just second time this season. We all know what an accomplishement it is to be 7-4 in their absence, but the question still remains:

Will they be that good when they return?

In my opinion, much of the outcome of this season rides, not so much on the arm of Matt Hasselbeck, but on the rusty shoulders of Shaun Alexander.

Think back at the last few games, with Seneca Wallace at the helm. Think about a play where he scrambled out of the pocket in sheer athletic brilliance. Now picture that same play with a definitly less mobile, and slighly injured Hasselbeck. In your mind's eye, do you see what I see? I see a sack, dammit. Not to mention a stalled drive.

Bottom line: Shaun needs to step it up. He needs to be a threat to the opponent's defense, to take the pressure of of Hasselbeck. He also needs to do it to take the pressure off the Seahawks' defense, which plays much better with a lead. Without him, this offense is average, this defense is impotent.

Bring it, Shaun. Make your contract money sing. Put yourself in the ring of honor, not the pit of despair.

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  1. I'm with you bloof.

    The interesting call will be in Holmgren's. He will start the evening with, from left to right, Walter Jones, Floyd Womack, Chris Spencer, Chris Gray, and Tom Ashworth, his best run-blocking line. The question is, will he game plan to this line's strengths?

    I find myself going back to the first Seattle @ Green Bay matchup; the first "big game" of Holmgren's tenure. Holmgren channeled his inner Chuck Knox that day and just beat the Pack with a pawn game, to cop a chess phrase. He controlled the game with his offensive line and Ricky Watters. It was an odd game plan for Holmgren in that it was so off-script. I always felt like he meant to make a statement to his team that day about how being aggressive and tough is an integral part of scoring.

    One of the things I like about Holmgren is that he normally eschews anything that looks like or smells like the B.S. macho bluster that so often passes for strategy in the NFL. Holmgren knows that the purpose of offense is to score, and score often. It's not to control the clock, or wear down the defense. Those things are effects--not causes--of good offense. The hell with swagger, and sending a message, and all that other nonsense so highly prized by many of the loud-mouth ex-jocks working the broadcast booths these days.

    But every now and then every team goes through lulls. At times like that it's good to take a team back to the basics. Football is still a game where you have to push people out of the way. This offensive line, even down two starters, is well equipped to do that. I hope Holmgren decides that tonight is the night to do it.

  2. Darrell Jackson is going to have a good game. That's all I'm saying.

  3. I think that the hawks will take care of this one. I just have no faith in them on the road this year. Chris Spencer will fill in for Tobeck admirably, and the hawks will find a way to win. The defense tends to find a way to play at a higher level at they did against the Raiders.

    We have to have this one because next week is very tough...and if the team doesn't start to play better on the road we'll finish a weak 9-7.

  4. Thank you so much Bloof for not saying Shaun was injured during the Giants game. That has been a pet peeve of mine for awhile now.

    That said, it should be interesting. Packers are going to be at home with the snow...and the crowd might be down a bit because Packer fans always travel.

    I dont think I can take another loss to an inferior team. The Sonics already caught the Seahawks in that regard.

    That said, I think we'll win this one...maybe not as handily as Id want.

    The score will largely depend on how our pass rush does. And that is as skitzophrenic as whether or not Kellog's Poptarts will taste like sweet, soft chewy greatness...or cardboard.

  5. you were right on the money Bloof

  6. Damn right, alba! He nailed that one on the nose. Great job, Bloof!