Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Lets Bring Ray Willis To Cheney

Newer update, Sando is reporting that not only has Ray Willis signed, but so has ALL of our draft picks EXCEPT the first two...

going up and over the HILL where the grass is so GREENE following ray willis to camp cheney


  1. Now that the fancy-schmancy 49er QB has signed, everyone is now signing their pick like crazy, because everyone has a baseline now.

    Signing Willis is cool (I wonder if Reinfeldt says, "What you talkin' 'bout, Willis" on his counter-offers), but signing Lofa and Spencer will be better.

  2. lol another nice one from Blue...i could see that now...

    I still want Tatupu to sign...right now the middle of the first round hasnt really gotten into a signing spree yet, its mainly the bottom and of course a couple at the top (or just Smith, i dunno)

  3. btw, i dunno if anyone noticed my little horrible phrase at the top...

    lets bring ray WILLIS to cheney

    or with us

    i dunno...i was in a hurry...it isnt TOO bad

  4. ADP...try this on for size: "will Ray Willis to the SuperBowl?"


    Posted by alba