Saturday, July 30, 2005

Rub-a-Dub-Dub, Two Men on Tubbs

While signing Lofa was naturally a big deal, this has to be the biggest news of the day, as reproted on

“Second-year defensive tackle Marcus Tubbs continued to impress, consistently busting through double-teams and is feeling good about what this season brings as opposed to a disappointing rookie season as a first round pick.

“Well, that is good,” Holmgren said. “He should feel that way because last year was a bad year for him and I love the guy. But he did come in camp in better shape. He is a talented man. Now he has to stay with it and prove that he is worth at where we picked him.

“I believe he is. It's like everything else we're going to do this year. He's no different, let’s not talk it out. Let’s just do it and show us.”

So could Tubbs finally be living up to the potential that he was drafted for in the first place? Hopefully so. I happen to think that this guy has tremendous upside.

Could he be the answer to the pass rush we have been looking for? Possibly. If he is able to provide pressure up the middle, it will certainly help the players on the edge by flushing the QB out. Also, if he can draw the double team, that leaves Wistrom, Fisher and Cochran with less to deal with.

Go git 'em, Tubbsy!


  1. That may be the most disgusting title to an entry yet... however, nice to hear he is getting inside pressure. Having a DT get that kind of pressure has an extreme effect on the pass rushers, where ever they come from, and frankly, what ever their limitations are. This will either enable the DT himself to get or flush the QB, allowing the DEs or LBs to contain, or force the OT to help out with him, therefore putting the OT on a double team, and that means the DE will come free quickly.

    Wonder who he is busting through? Our first line, or second? Left side or right?  

    Posted by JoSCh

  2. I don't know, I was wondering that myself. You can bet I'll be checking him out on the 12th.

    In fact, my VCR just might be worn out by early morning on the 13th!

    And yes, that title was pretty shameless, if I might say so myself.

  3. You must be from Miami, and this is just a Vice, but that piece on Tubbs is just a Crocket of shyte!

    (actually, it's a great post, just trying to work in an equally as aweful pun!) 

    Posted by alba

  4. im getting horrible imagines of two men on Tubbs

    that coupled with Josh's phrase 'busting through'...

  5. "Inside pressure" is no peach either...  

    Posted by JoSCh