Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Seth Polansky, pull your head out!

From a recent article from the above-named author on Seahawks.com:
"Tatupu is an inside linebacker, but what the Seahawks need is an outside guy. Isaiah Kacyvenski will get one spot, and Tracy White and Kevin Bentley look to battle for the other. There is almost no more depth on either side behind them. However, Tatupu is behind Jamie Sharper and Niko Koutouvides in the middle. If the rookie can develop some skills on the outside, he could be used as one of the more versatile players on defense."

He's got the linebacker roles all Korened up. First of all, Jamie Sharper, after after acquiring him from Houston, was moved back to his natural position, outside linebacker. Tatupu is behind Niko in the middle. DD Lewis (where was he mentioned?) is starting on the opposite side from Sharper.

This leaves White, Bentley, Bates, and Hill rounding out the 2nd and 3rd string outside spots. Kaz is 4th string, not a starter! If you'd like to check for yourself, here's the current official depth chart.

Maybe I'm going a little overboard on this, but I'm not impressed. It's underwhelming to think that this guy wrote this article describing this so-called shortage at outside linebacker, but really didn't do his homework, on the Seahawk's official site, no less.

Unless there is something I don't know about this. If so, I just put my foot in my mouth again.

Am I wrong?


  1. You're not wrong, one has to wonder why in the world a guy with this complete lack of knowledge or simple laziness is on the NFL's payroll. 

    Posted by Geoff Smock

  2. Oh, well. At least he'll get full credit for his mistake. Look what KFFL is reporting now, and it's all screwed up:

    Seahawks | Tatupu Wants to Contribute in Any Way
    Mon, 18 Jul 2005 23:17:11 -0700

    Seth Polansky, of NFL.com, reports Seattle Seahawks rookie LB Lofa Tatupu could have an easier time cracking the starting lineup if he's able to play both outside and inside linebacker this season. "I just work hard and I bring a good work ethic," Tatupu said. "I want to be what the Seahawks are looking for. It's a great team; a playoff contender every year. Anyway I can help will be awesome." Seattle is semi-deep at inside linebacker, Tatupu's position, but is lacking depth on the outside.

    Seahawks | White and Bentley Likely to Battle
    Mon, 18 Jul 2005 23:16:07 -0700

    Seth Polansky, of NFL.com, reports Seattle Seahawks LBs Tracy White and Kevin Bentley are expected to battle for a starting outside linebacker spot during training camp.

    Seahawks | Kacyvenski Expected to Start
    Mon, 18 Jul 2005 23:06:00 -0700

    Seth Polansky, of NFL.com, reports Seattle Seahawks LB Isaiah Kacyvenski is expected to lock up a starting outside linebacker job during training camp.

  3. you guys forget...hes part of the cult known as 'the media' they could care less about Seattle...

    the only guys i trust are our newspaper guys...

    i pointed this out a couple days ago to Josh, i believe after he linked the article...i cant understand why he said that...usually, if someone said something like that, and it was realistic, you would start to wonder if he knows something that we dont...BUT this was just laughable

    as long as Tracy White is the first OLB off the bench, im happy (and of course Niko/Tatupu in the middle)...the rest of the LBs are ok, but those two im high on

    i have a dumb QUESTION for you guys...forgive me, because im not a playbook genius with the nfl...but do teams ever mix a 4-3 and a 3-4 defense...like are there any 4-3 teams out there that also use 3-4 on some plays? I think Seattle might be able to try it adding Lofa and Niko at the same time

    if thats a no brainer, or if it wouldnt work, oh well...i never cared much for the 3-4, but its something different, and for once WE could surprise OTHER temas

  4. Seahawks | Our Experts Smoke Crack
    Tues, 19 Jul 2005 3:17:11 -0700

    Seth Polansky, of NFL.com, reports that pigs are flying all over Seattle

  5. ROFL!

    It's pretty common to switch, but it usually means a 'tweener' OLB just shifts into a three point. No real change in personnel.

    I don't know of any that actually run both lineups. It calls for very different behavior in the LB/DL roles and relationships. I think to switch back and forth would not be good.

  6. I haven't seen the switch as oftgen as one would be led to beleive by the defensive playbooks in Madden, but it is possible. BTW, Blue, that picture made me laugh out loud, I didn't even see it until the second time through.

    What misinformation this guy writes. I find that journalistic integrity is an oxymoron these days. Get the facts right. Maybe we should give him a link to this site, so he can find the real info. Just amazing. 

    Posted by check

  7. Hell, if he wanted to find out what LBers are playing where, he could have checked the depth chart on .com.

    Re the 3/4 thing, 3/4 teams do go to 4/3 in nickel and dime, but 4/3 teams rarely go 3/4. 3/4 players can be 4/3 players easier than the other way. They just bring in the backup NT and drop out one of the MLBs. For 4/3 to do it, you'd really need great ends (or a DT who can play end) and a monster DT to handle NT. The LBs wouldn't change much, you add the best bench LB as the other MLB, which is usually ok, unless you are us last year late, when there was no bench LB...

    The only real advantage to 3/4 as far as surprise is that the "down" LB can switch side to side, and the down'could drop back while standup rushes. Or both could be down, or both could rush, both could drop back. Baltimore and Pittsburg are the only 3/4s that are really effective for a long time, and Balt is switching to 4/3 or 4/6. NE kinda runs 3/4, but they run it more like a 4/3, IMO.  

    Posted by JoSCh

  8. that picture is hilarious!!!...thanks for pointing it out Check...i didnt notice it at first, either

  9. I really don't think our linebacking corps is quality enough to run a 3-4, and such a scheme would also open up Wistrom to more double teams and such. He's a smaller end so that would probably hurt his effectiveness, not to mention open him up to injury. That said, the addtion of Boulware would make switching to the 3-4 much more attractive, for Boulware's best years were spent in Baltimore's 3-4. 

    Posted by Geoff Smock

  10. That should be a TWM picture...

    HEY! you damned kids come out of there, RIGHT NOW!

    What do you mean you want to SEE where babies come from? 

    Posted by MaxHawk

  11. Man I wish I could have some of these analysts jobs! What qualifies them anyway? Obviously not working knowledge of the game or the the teams they are talking about.

    BTW AWESOME picture!!! ROFLMAO