Friday, July 15, 2005

Henry Get This Over Already?

CAPTION: Whos holding the bigger chip? Jacksonville or Tennessee?

Despite reports that the Jacksonville Jaguars are close to acquiring Travis Henry, the Tennessee Titans have made the more attractive trade proposal to the Buffalo Bills and are the front-runner in the chase for the disgruntled tailback.

Discussions between the Bills and the two most ardent suitors for Henry have been ramped up, and the situation remains in flux as Buffalo officials continue their efforts trade Henry sooner rather than later. The Seattle Seahawks, who had earlier indicated interest in Henry, apparently are out of the hunt.

Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio told the Florida Times-Union on Thursday that the addition of Henry, who has been on the trading block for virtually the entire offseason, could be completed "in the next few days or week."

Show me the Buffalo Chips!!!


  1. ETHEL, put on yer Sunday dress, honey. We're going into town to cash in these here Chips. We can finally affords that new Mule you been waiting fer.

  2. ADP, where did "Despite reports that the Jacksonville Jaguars are close to acquiring Travis Henry, the Tennessee Titans have made the more attractive trade proposal to the Buffalo Bills and are the front-runner in the chase for the disgruntled tailback. " come from? Got a link, or what man?

    As to who needs Henry more, I say Ten. Air Mac can't do it on his own, and Chris Brown is apparently as much a injury risk as Fragile Fred Taylor. Jax at least has has Toefield, who has the size and speed.

    I think Jax is just making Ten overpay, messing with div rivals is a year round sport!

    Glad we're supposedly out of the race, I would've hated to have to bring up Henry's off the field troubles when defending SA.

    And that is a pretty nasty pic, don't know why a guy would pick them up, just don't understand... 

    Posted by JoSCh

  3. Josh...i always put my link into the main just click the 'Henry get his over already?' headline...

    also...I agree, Ten needs him more, but im thinkin Jacksonville ends up with him...

    theres a LOT more in the link...

  4. Max, (first off im sorry if any of you are a redneck, but im open about things i cant stand on the insults are coming...)

    amazing the only time you see rednecks in the media, is when they are holding up poop with their bare hands, or trying to pet a grizzley bear in the wild

    they are some funny MFers

  5. Henry would like to play in Jax, he is from Fla. Just don't think that it matters much, Buf will trade to highest bidder, and Ten needs him more. I still think Jax is just messing with em, trying to drive the price up.

    Sorry bout not noticing the link, will commence kicking my own ass shortly.

    You'll also notice rednecks in the media boating/swimming/rafting/inner-tubing on the street during a flood... just saying.

    But ADP, you'll also notice a massive amount of rednecks in the military, as well as poor folk of all kinds, defending your ass. Again, just saying.

    And I am kind of a redneck, I live in SC for chrissakes, and was born in Puyallup. But I wouldn't take offense at a joke, no matter how much I resemble it, unless it was an actual malicious dig at me.

    I wouldn't pick up poop. At least not bare handed and on purpose. I'd pick up a turd, in say my living room, but I'd use a bag or gloves or something. Maybe a dustpan? I wouldn't pick it up out in a field and have someone take a picture.  

    Posted by JoSCh

  6. this is how i see it, again no offense intended...

    rednecks are not the only ones u see doing those things (ie, military, flood...ANY specific u want lol)...BUT theyre the only ones u see getting chased by a deer or mauled by a grizzley bear for trying to pet it...

    i wont get all personal, but ive had bad issues with rednecks from my school growing up, and although im white, i was called the n-word alot, simply because i grew up in a ghetto, and talked different (ive really tried to straighten up now that these kids are trying to act like they know what the ghetto is like, when half of them have all the things in the world---and take it for not fake like 50 cent or eminem...u dont see 'yo dillio' every 2 seconds from legit) was just a bad blood between me, and the street hardened and the country people...we've grown to hate each other in this area...

    dont get me wrong, there are some i like (i hate everything about rednecks, but i will never hate the person unless i knew him)...i got a few friends who are countryish...

    lol nice comment about the turds though 

    Posted by ADP

  7. When I was a teenager there was this road than ran several blocks behind the house that had a lot of whoop-de-do's in it, and people liked to get a lot of speed on that road because it could make your stomach do flip flops. Well, it seemed that late summer nights it would be especially bad when the teenagers were out to no good.

    Well, it just so happened that the neighbors had a cow pasture right next to the road, and along the wire fence by the road there was several cords of wood stacked. I and a couple of other guys used to gather up the summer dried cow chips after it got dark, and then wait behind the wood pile by the wire fence.

    When a car came by that was going especially fast, we would launch the cow chips at 'em. It was cool. The car would be flying along and you could sometimes hear them doing the 'Dukes of Hazzard yell' with the windows down, and then get pelted with a barrage of cow crap that would disintegrate into a bunch of nothing.

    The tires would usually squeal as they braked to a stop, and then generally followed by jumping out, running around the car and cussing. The chips were so dry and light they would leave nary a mark, but it would sure piss them off. We'd nearly wed out pants trying not to laugh out loud behind the woodpile.

    Don't even ask me about cow tipping.

  8. lol why would anyone ask for more? you gave us a nice picture there...

    obviously, as an athlete, im not afraid to get dirty...but picking up cow crap? say it aint must of took days to get the smell out

  9. Naw, dried cow chips ain't NEAR as nasty as dog crap, or human for that matter.

  10. how would you know? you didnt put your hand in the toilet did you...

    dog crap looks like the same thing when it looks hardened and crap (no pun intended)...anyone else find weird that it turns white when it ages? Dog poop is the only case where you would rather touch the elderly then the fresh, young one... 

    Posted by Anonymous

  11. i see im gonna have to step it up next week, and stop using current or popular guys...alba must die!

    the gloves are off, can all thank week you're gonna wish it was Taco Wallace!

    so alba...what do the clues mean??? huh? huh? anyone could go look up the picture...but the clues? lets see if alba did his homework!

    you outsmarted me this time...but you can only be the least dumb of us for so long lol...wasnt really my fault wouldnt upload any of my pictures, n i was tyring to go to bed, so i gave up and went with someone with plenty of info across the net, so i could work quicker...hopefully noone reads the post before they take a guess...