Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Not dead in the water after all?

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According to the News Tribune, July 13,
"The team plans to watch Boulware work out Thursday. The session is designed to allay injury concerns that have left the former Pro Bowl linebacker unemployed since May.

Boulware is set to work out in Tallahassee, Fla., where he attended Florida State University. The Seahawks plan to attend, although president Tim Ruskell was not expected to make the trip."

The microfracture surgery he underwent, has been historically both successful and not so successful. There have been many cases of players who have come back from the surgery and played well after. There have also been many who have never recovered including former Seahawk John Randle, who was the last Seahawk player to have double digit sack totals in a season.

If all goes well in this workout, and if he seems to have fully recovered I fully expect the Seahawks to make him an offer. I for one am crossing my fingers and hoping the knee and toe that have slowed him for so long now are fully recovered, we need a pass rusher badly, and Peter, when healthy definitely fits the bill.


  1. Amen Monkey! 

    Posted by Anonymous

  2. It's going to be interesting to see what kind of offer they can make him. Shaun is available to talk to on Friday, so do they wait until Saturday and see where they are money wise?  

    Posted by PaulieP

  3. "Shaun is available to talk to on Friday, so do they wait until Saturday and see where they are money wise? "

    Highly unlikely they'll get anything done with Shaun, since he won't sign the tender.

    Plus, if PB works out well, he'll have offers from all interested teams on that day I'd bet, and he'll sign somewhere before Saturday.

    I still hope we get him, if healthy.


    Posted by JoSCh

  4. well if they make an offer...its a good thing on two fronts

    1. it means he is healthy
    2. we might end up getting him (duh)

    so basically, im using that to see where he is healthwise...

    if the team makes him an offer...great...if not, then he must have some issues

  5. On the positive side:

    "Top NFL players Bruce Smith, Rod Woodson and Dan Marino enjoyed success following the procedure.

    By Mike Sando, The Trib

  6. I just got thru reading that at around midnight, Blue. We hadda be reading it around the same time.

    You have a moniker over there too?

  7. nice picture...

    im surprised people are still doing reanactments of the Titanic tragedy... 

    Posted by ADP

  8. Don't you guys ever sleep? 

    Posted by check

  9. cant speak for them, but for me, its more of a 'whenever' thing...i cant find a job anywhere, so yeh...might as well take planning on meeting up with my french chick now that shes back up...


    Posted by ADP

  10. From Sando...

    Boulware Workout Results | Subscribe

    Peter Boulware's workout remains a hot topic in part because of the weather down in Tallahassee. Working in 90-degree heat with 50-percent humidity, Boulware went through a series of drills for representatives of the Browns, Texans and Seahawks. The Steelers also had someone on hand to watch the workout, but the other three teams APPEAR to have more interest.

    From what I am hearing, the Boulware workout was a positive first step but pretty uneventful. Boulware showed off the good pass-rush skills everyone knew he had. He was able to move around on the knee and toe that prevented him from playing last season. Now, can he make it through a training camp and the regular season? No workout can tell us that.

    Boulware avoided the kind of drills players do at the combine, so this workout was short on measurables. No 40 time, no vertical jump. He basically went through some of the individual drills players do in practice, without the benefit of working against a live body. One of the coaches on hand would hold a big pad, for example, and Boulware would come off the line and turn the corner as if rushing the passer. This way teams could see what kind of burst and athletic ability he was showing, but not much more.

    For what it is worth, the Browns were the only people to send a GM-level executive. Phil Savage was at the workout. Houston did not send Charley Casserly. Seattle did not send Tim Ruskell

  11. Well I for one hope he'll be a Hawk,I think he can be a starter in a 4-3 again.Its going to be an interesting next couple of weeks. 

    Posted by SHONUFF