Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Bluefoot's Mail Bag!

NEW FORMAT: Where YOU get to answer. Reply in the comments.

Yo Bluefoot,

The man say I haf to go to jail for a day, a hole 24 hours. That gonna be boring shizzle. Whats a brotha got to do in jail fo all that time?

K-Rob in King County


  1. Don't worry, K-Rot, you'll find some real good frendth in the big house.
    Bubba will find you and explain everything.

  2. Well KRob, there are many neat and educational opportunities you can explore while in jail.
    For instance, you can talk to your fellow inmates and learn how to crack a safe, or how to beat up hookers for a living. You should take the time to listen and learn from your fellow inmates, they can teach you many things, perhaps you will find a new vocation, one where dropping things (other than the soap) doesn't really matter. For example, selling drugs. It sounds like something you would be very good at, and your speed combined with your amazing dropping skills, you should be good at trying to elude the police.
    You will also get a chance to work on your route running skills, as you weave and dodge your way around the inmates in the showers or in the recreation area. Nights are sometimes a lonely thing while in prison, but you're a good looking well built young man, you should have no problem finding comfort in the arms of a cell mate.
    BTW, when ten years from now, I see you on the street corner with a sqweegee washing car windows for change; don't bother with mine, I am a tightwad and will not be giving you any change. peace KRob and don't forget to cover your ass.