Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Mike Martz is just so frickin'
Crazy he takes a lickin'
From Turley who cain't stop hittin'
And our defense keeps on quittin'
We gonna lose the division
I gots the St. Loser bluuuuuuuuues.

que harmonica solo by Tyoka Jackson


  1. hmmph...that grass is starting to punch my stomach

    i shouldnt of grazed so much in the grass if i cared about the size of my ass 

    Posted by ADP

  2. Now I lay me down to rest
    I pray the Lord to make me best
    But sure as I stare at this cheesy fake grass
    I just wish Seattle would stop kicking my ass.

    (This is obviously being recited within the upcoming season) :) 

    Posted by NYhawkfreaK

  3. Or....

    "I can't possible make it to the head before my next series. Why the hell did I let Archuleta talk me into Mexican on the night before a game day??
    If I just sit here really still - maybe it will pass. Please, God, make it pass."

  4. I wonder if anybody will notice if I puke in my Helmet....

  5. "Damn... St. Louis smells like s***.

    "There's another cheerleader. Look away, look away... Damn! Eye contact with that nasty be-ach."

  6. Blue are you implying that he is gay?

    It wouldnt surprise me with the other two girly teams in our division (San Franshishco and Homozona)