Saturday, July 23, 2005

Max Hawks Return To The Nest

After a long flight, the Hawk has returned to the nest.

Just in the nick of time it seems, too. Thanx to the season, especially the playoffs, I no longer have a speak of....eheh.. Unfortunatly for you fine Jugheads, that does not stop me from communicating with you.

I just want to say that I missed being here for the season, (what a season to get pulled away from the blog) and it could not be avoided. I will get back to the fun and articals as much as possible from this point on and hopefully be able to spend some much needed time writing about the Hawks and their loser Opponants.

Not much for me to say, or write about, that probably has not been covered so I'll just pop this one in to say "Howdy" and I will get up to speed with the watcha jiggy round here before I stir up some noise.

MaxHawk has returned....Mwahahahaha....

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