Friday, July 01, 2005

TWM, late entry

Missing TWM is unfortunate, especially on the first of 3 real slow weeks. Here is a FWM, since nobody has posted in days... and this is a pretty funny story. Notice Putin has the ring in his left paw.

My entry...

Putin: "I'm sorry, my english is bad, but it is a beautiful gift, no?"

Kraft: "No"

Putin: "Well, I think its beautiful, thanks."


  1. Not even a caption, but I'd like to know what happened to the guy in the middle.  

    Posted by PaulieP

  2. entry #2

    guy on the left: i dont mean to spoil the fun and everything...

    but you double dipped the chip

    entry #2

    guy in back looking stupid:

    my underwear is shaffing

  3. Guy in the back: I may not be as rich, or famous, or powerful as these guys, but I got them all beat by 6 inches...EASY!

  4. silly Alba...thats not me in the back of the picture! 

    Posted by ADP

  5. Sally Jenkins of The Washington Post takes a creative and at times humorous look at how a hobbit-sized NFL owner lost his special ring.

    As we suspected, Bilbo Kraft was indeed hoping to get his ring back before deciding after the story hit the media that he should make like it was a gift all along.

    Earlier on Wednesday, Bilbo Kraft spokesman Stacey James said that he "couldn't imagine" the Pats owner giving Putin the ring.

    Last word (for now) on the subject -- who'da thunk that, when all was said and done, the president of Russia would own more Super Bowl rings than Dan Marino, Dan Fouts, and Fran Tarkenton . . . combined?