Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Casing makes the Sausage More Appetizing

OK, this post has nothing to do with the NFL or the Seattle Seahawks, but as you can tell by the content here, most of our readers are men, and we're all pigs, so boar with me.

According to this article on, the latest ad campaign for Trojan Condoms has right-wingers up in arms, as it has less to do with avoiding terrible diseases, and more to do with not wanting to end up with something equally as terminal: and unwanted pregnancy.

I'll skip the opportunity to waive my lefist liberal flag and hop on the soapbox about the religious conservatives burying their heads in the sand regarding the sexual culture in today's society.

Let's just say if this ad was around in the 70s, teaching hotties that a fresh Trojan makes an otherwise sloppy pig-boy more attractive, I wouldn't have had to spend so much time locked in the bathroom with the latest National Geographic.

Anyhow, click the icon above and enjoy the features some good looking woman and one lucky dweeb who's gonna get laid.

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