Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Dolphin & Chief Fans Need Not Respond

It appears that the Trent Green [yawn] to the Dolphins trade has finally been made, according to the NFL Network crawl and this piece on ESPN.com, which means that Dante Culpepper will soon hit the open market.

That means that the fan boards and blogs of at least 29 other teams will soon have a topic titled "What about Dante Culpepper?". (30 if you think Viking fans are stupid enough to want him back.)

Some fans may think that Dante is just the short-term stop-gap they need as the starting QB while they develop their raw young talent. Come on Raider, Bronco and Brown fans, you know you're thinking about it.

Other teams may think he'd be a good insurance policy, should their starter get injured, or just continue to suck for another season. I'm mainly talking to you Bears fan, but the entire NFC East may just knock the shit out of each other trying to sign this guy before the other one does!

Then there are those teams who just don't have a QB, where even a broken down and overrated Culpepper would be seen as an immediate upgrade. I'm not just talking to you, Bills fan, I'm including your buddy in the back row wearing the Cheesehead too.

Even teams with established starting QB and viable clipboard holders already on the roster will feel the need to discuss adding Captain Stuebing to their roster, even at the risk of creating a QB controversy and effecting team chemistry. This would include Jaguar fan, Steeler fan and yes, even my own beloved Seahawk bretheren.

So step up and make your best case as to why you would (or wouldn't) want your team to take a flyer on Daunte Culpepper, or at least provide the screen name and web address of the first clown to suggest this move on your favorite fan forum.

All I know is, Surry County, Virginia prosecutor Gerald Poindexter just got a brand new deputy to lead the fight and do whatever it takes to get a dog fighting conviction against Michael Vick!


  1. Daunte has peaked. Send him to the Lions.

  2. Lions? Kitna hater.

    Hotlanta is the most likely spot. Even if "Mikey the Bull" stays out of federal pound you in the ass prison they could use another overrated mobile QB.

  3. Culpepper mobile?

    Pass me that weed.

  4. I would never hate on Jon Kitna....he and Jesus are on a first name basis!

  5. Thank you Thofin Turgall on the Seattle Times fan forum, for being the first to suggest Culpepper in the PacNW.

  6. Add Blitzin Ben from the SeahawkBlue forum to the list!