Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hooters Goes Bust

It's a sad, sad day here in upstate New York, as we lose not one, but two American insTITutions.

The Hooters Restaurants in Albany and Syracuse have gone tits-up, and the parent company is swimming like an axe without a handle. Chapter 11 hits like 30 years of gravity, as this once pert and supple franchise is now sagging at waist level.

What is this cuntree cumming to when a man cannot go and enjoy a cold beer and overpriced Buffalo wings served to him by a 20-something buxom beauty in hot pants and a ripped tank top? (although quite frankly I never really understood the whole 'nylons with hot pants' thing!)

The mall will now be filled with overwhelmed and confused husbands and boyfriend who no longer have a place to catch a quick glimpse of the game, along with a long glimpse at some bodacious cleavage, as their wives and girlfriends spend countless hours (and disposable income) shopping for shoes.

It seems to be poetic justice that news of these closings come in pairs.

I guess I'll have to go back to taking long lunches within binocular range of cheer leading practice over at the the high school now!


  1. I think the nylons keep stuff from falling out into the food.

  2. Isn't that how curly fries got invented??!!