Friday, June 08, 2007

Friday Circle Jerk, Vol. I

Because I have an overblown sense of potence, I have elected to pick out some nice little naughty bits from the blogosphere this week that I think just didn't get quite enough spooge. I bring it to you 'cuz I'm sexaay.

Pardon me while I rub & run:

With that pile of baby batter, I leave you with the Money Shot --

Cheerleaders and Band Geeks Get Knocked the F#$% Out!!!


  1. Great links, awsome video and that picture...oh-la-la!

    I'd like to nominate her for Ass of the Moment!

  2. One more comment, then I'm gone...


    Do you ever listen to the "Locker Room" on KFLD 870 or the "Caddyshack" on 960? Do you ever call in?

    Just curious.

  3. I'll listen once in a blue moon, usually during football season. The caddy drives me nuts. I like Philly Rob, but he talks to much hockey.

    I've never called in, but I've come close a few times.

    Have you?

  4. I have called in twice, I believe. Once to express my disgust with Mike Cameron's constant striking out in clutch situations, and once when they were discussing Ricky Williams testing positive yet again.

    I agree, the Caddy is like a blustery breeze, but I like Philly Rob's no-nonsense style. I try to listen to part of the Locker Room every day.