Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Who Says Golf is Not a F*cking Sport?

While there are those that say that any activity that you can drink beer while playing isn't really a sport, Bruce Burger may beg to differ.

On the 6th hole of a Florida golf course, Mr. Berger learned that when you least expect it, golf can become a contact sport!

Surely not the brightest 50-year-old bulb in the box, Bruce disregarded warning signs and attempted to retreive his golf ball from the edge of a pond, where a one-eyed, eleven foot alligator gave a new meaning to the term "water hazard."

With the alligator firmly attached to his right arm, Mr. Berger beat the crap out of the myopic reptile with a series of frantic left jabs, until the alligator released him, and miraculously avoided major injury.

When asked to comment, Berger said, "if it wasn't for that saggy-titted, bro-wearing Mickelson, I'd be the one that they now call Lefty!"


  1. I had no idea that when I posted this piece it actually had a Seahawks Tie-In!

  2. Golf is not a sport,.. it is an activity. I wouldn't even call it that so much because it contains the word "active".

  3. Agreed, I have played ice hockey since i was 5 and football through high school. I played basketball and baseball in middle school. Not "played" like with a couple friends,.. organized leagues with other competitive athletes. I have also gone golfing with friends and i just don't get it. I do admit that it is difficult,.. but then again beer pong and chess were hard the first time i tried those too. It is an activity for people who don't want to push themselves physically, but want to think of themselves as doing something. It is an old man's activity. That's my opinion, and the opinion of a lot of others too, so deal with it!!!