Saturday, June 23, 2007

Mike Sando Leaves Us For the Four-Letter

By now you've probably heard that Seattle Seahawks beat reporter and blogger extraordinaire Mike Sando is leaving the Tacoma News-Tribune for a high-fallootin' job at ESPN.

Internet-based Seahawks fans everywhere are reeling. Right now, there are folks at his former blog repeatedly hitting 'refresh' in the hopes that this is all a cruel joke, that somehow this is actually April 1 or there is a hidden camera on them somewhere.

It's understandable. Sando provided the best Seahawks coverage the world has seen, bar none. He turned his seven course media access meal into easily digested, meaningful and insightful morsels of fact, and presented them to us near instantaneously. He diligently answered our questions, provided spreadsheets full of amazing historical content, and was even capable of a joke or two, sometimes at his own expense.

Probably the most telling indicator of just how highly regarded he has become can be found buried Seahawks fan sites everywhere: The near Biblical phrase, "according to Sando." Google it for yourself. The man was the last word on injuries, free agency, and perceived job security.

Good luck, Mike, and thanks for everything. And good luck to all of you who are coming down from the addiction.

(By the way, just for the record -- I CALLED IT.)


  1. Great piece on a great man, Mr. Bloof.

    After having to put up with the likes of Steve Kelley and Les Carpenter and their negativity, Mike Sando blog updates were like waking up each morning next to Jessica Simpson!

    And awesome illustration of his effect on the greater seahawk community with that According to Sando google item. That speaks volumes.

  2. Well, at least Farnsworth came back to the Seahawks. Danny O'Neil < Gladiator Hawk...