Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Street Salutes Antonio Pierce For Calling "Anyone Who Fights Pit Bulls a Punk"

ALERT: The following is a refreshing change from all the crappy NFL player dogfighting scandal horseshit.

Antonio Pierce of the New York Football Giants is a RESPONSIBLE pit bull breeder. He apparently deplores the treatment given to many of the dogs, and went so far as to call anyone who fights dogs [presumably Vick] "a punk."

Please check out this post from You Been Blinded for a great take on Pierce's comments.


  1. Great find Bloof. Thanks for the link to that piece. It's good to see players coming out on the right side of this issue, rather than just blindly supporting Vick in the absence of any hard evidence.

    BTW, after watching the film clip on Blinded, if Vick is guilty, Richie Cunningham shouldn't suspend him, he should just make him play without pads or a helmet!

    That'll give him a better idea of what he was putting those dogs through.

    (P.S. don't tell HawkHeart about Pierce...I've got enough competition between Mack and Julian!)

  2. thanks for the linkage good sir. Pierce seems responsible..I'm just hoping he doesn't end up eating his words with a scandal of his own. www.youbeenblinded.com

  3. Too bad I cant like him after what he said about the Seahawks a couple years ago...