Friday, June 08, 2007

How Do You Know When Devon Boddie Is Lying?

There's an old joke that goes "how can you tell when a car salesman is lying?"

The punchline: "His lips are moving!"

Watching the video on of Michael Vick's cousin try and defend himself and his peeps, that old joke can be paraphrased as "How can you tell when Davon Boddie is lying....he sways from side to side!"

Even after being asked to stand still for the camera, Mr. Boddie spends the next 10 minutes or so saying "it is what it is" about 100 times and swaying worse than the cast of Pirates of the Carri bean.

Unfortunately, in this country, where you're supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, once you or someone on your behalf jumps in front of a camera and start denying stuff, you automatically appear guilty as sin.

Couple this video with the reports on PFT that the Feds have found dog remains on the property, Ron Mexico may be the next big name player to get the business end of Richie Cunningham's new personal conduct policy.

Of course, it could all be an intricate conspiracy cooked up by the Federal government against this apparent druggie and lowlife piece of trash, because we all know how the Government likes to go after cousins of famous people.

Hey, aren't Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie cousins?

See what I mean!


  1. WOW.

    If any of that crap is admissable in court, he just screwed himself.

    He's taking responsibity for everything that happened, but it's not his fault. What-EVAR.

  2. I want my money back. I was hoping seeing him squirm would be funny, but it was really painful. So I think it is a conspiracy, and now you bastages are involved. Fight the powah!