Thursday, June 28, 2007

Happy Birthday KSK!

Today is a special day in the blogoshere as the folks over at KSK are celebrating their first birthday.

We at 12 Seahawks Street would like to wish Captain Caveman, who started blogging on this very site, and the rest of the KSK editorial team the best on this special occasion.

Of course, like most one-year-old birthday parties, they'll probably hit the bottle hard, shit in their pants, and mush their fingers in the cake.

But, what the fuck, it's their day, so let them do what they want! Just be sure to take pictures to embarrass them with on their sweet sixteenth.


  1. who cares? KSK is gay. Stop sucking their dicks.

  2. You say that like those are bad things??!!

  3. Wow, I popped in recommend you stop instigating my e-rage with these KSK posts, and I see "guest" did it for me.

    Big ups to CC and Drew though, those guys are cool. And big ups to you "guest". Heres the thing, even if you have a name you are known by on the internet, you are still anonymous. Take the plunge. I need another KSK hater around here...

  4. C'mon, JoSCh, admit it. You're just sucking up to "Guest" because he cracked on me.