Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Roger Goodall Is Fair!

While driving around at lunch today, I had to listen to Dan Patrick piss and moan about how NFL Commissioner Richie Cunningham is teetering on a slippery slope by anointing himself Judge and Jury in meting out these suspensions.

To this I say BULLSHIT!

This is the same Dan Patrick that lauds the unilateral power that David Stern wields over his league, and even used the fact that Sterns provided no wiggle room when he suspended Ron Artest for the season as an example while discussing the "two weeks off for good behavior" clause in the Tank Johnson sentence.

Hey Dan, if you want to know why Richie is offering LoveBug the ability to reduce his suspension from eight to six games, just look at the schedule.

The Bears open at San Diego and then travel to Kansas City and Dallas, then come three divisional games.

Do the math Dan. 3 + 3 = 6

Not only is the "2 weeks off for good behavior" clause a clear message that Richie wants his players to act as cool as Fonzie on and off the field, but an effort to make it so that each of the three Divisional opponents plays the Tank-less Bears lineup.

Say what you want about the adult-Opie, but you can't say he's not fair.

Of course, don't be surprised if Matt Millen sends Tank Johnson free tickets to the Midwest Rifle and Gun Show, because if he fucks up during his suspension, the Lions, who play in Chicago in Week 8, wouldn't have to face LoveBug at all this season.


  1. I like the suspension of Tank, but to be honest, I think that Pac Man doesn't deserve a full year. I understand all the arguments for him receiving a year, but I feel that his offenses were not worse than Tanks. Just one humble poster's opinion though!


  2. Paulie, I gotta disagree.

    The number of offenses for Jones shows a total and utter lack of respect for the league, the laws of society and mankind.

    Besides, I'm sure a lot had to do with the face to face meetings that Richie had with the players, and Pacman just looks like a dirtbag.

    I'll be the Commish gave him the full year just to see if the scum-bucket would stand by his word not to appeal the suspension and "take it like a man" I hope that's the case because Richie definitely proved himself right on that one.

    I love the fact that he's putting Tank Johnson in control of his own destiny, basically allowing him to reduce his sentence by 25%, and not insignificantly, around $700,000 in game checks he won't have to forfiet if he behaves.

    The message is simple: the balls in your court fellas, control yourselves or I'll do it for you.