Friday, June 01, 2007

Video Clip Classic, Vol 1: Jim Everett vs. Jim Rome

I saw this once, back in the day, and thought it was great. Now, thanks to Youtube, we get to see it all over again.

The year was 1994, when Jim Everett played quarterback for the Lambs. It became increasingly obvious to scouts and fans that Everett was gradually becoming afraid of contact, and it affected his play. Jim Rome noted this, and subsequently referred to Everett as "Chris" (after tennis player Chris Evert), effectively calling him a woman.

In this clip, Everett puts an end to it. In case you haven't seen it, I won't spoil it for you.

To this day, Rome refuses to talk about the confrontation, only referring in passing to "the incident."

Back then, I just thought Jim Rome was a punk ass with an attitude that was much more smug than necessary. Now I just think Jim Rome is a punk ass with an attitude that is much more smug than necessary.

Oh, well. At least it's entertaining.


  1. Just watched this exact clip the other day. Youtube is definitely the coolest invention ever.

    And you can't call Jim Everett a woman, he's a Ram. that's an insult to women everywhere.


  2. That clip is a classic and probably made Jim Rome the media celebrity that he is today.

    I actually like Jim Rome and his smug-ass attitude. And although I was never a big fan of Chris...errr...I mean Jim Everett, I gotta hand it to him for doing what you wish more athletes would do to smug ass reporters.

    I mean when Jim Grey stuck the microphone in Pete Rose's face at that Anniversary Team celebration and started berating him on the gambling thing, I would have loved to see Charlie Hustle take about 4 inches off that oversized dome of Gray's!

    You think if Hass ever gets on Rome is Burning, Jim will try to call him Elisabeth??!!

  3. I think you probably won't call me that again.

    I think I will.



    Great clip Bloof.

  4. You're killing me smalls!

    You're right, it is a great clip.

    [pugilistic link]

  5. The only interesting thing or happening of the 1990's LA/STL Rams besides Isaac Bruce. Thanks, Chris! I mean Jim!