Thursday, August 04, 2005

We pause for these commercial announcements!

For those not living in the great Pacific Northwest, has the three new Seahawks TV spots for your viewing pleasure.

Looks like the 49-ers will have a little extra motivation against us next year, as they're featured as the vanguished team in 2 of the 3 ads. The other is an awesome clip featuring Matt and Bobby Engram making an incredible catch against a breathtaking backdrop, against none other than the St. Louise Lambs!

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.


  1. Great commercials. Love the way they put Sharper into the game. Incredible. 

    Posted by PaulieP

  2. For those of you not paying attention ...I just find interesting that the Hass clip is against the Rams ....and the WR is engram...making a difficult catch!

    Is that the Front offices way of trying to change history???

    I dont think that i would have used that combination or against that team

  3. I liked how they cut to a quick clip of 1st rounder Chris Spencer on the sidelines cheering on Grant Wistron and the defense.

    I also liked the way they made "real" footage of Sharper in a Hawk uni.

    And lastly, that's not revisionsit history in the Rams clip, it's FORESHADOWING!!!! 

    Posted by alba

  4. Whoooooooop whoooooooooop! 

    Posted by JoSCh