Monday, September 25, 2006

Alan's D.O.G: Week 3 vs Ny Giants...and Gus the Mule

Its D.O.G. time again. In this episode, I take any and all bets on Dog fighting, a guy in a bunny suit gets...JACKED UP, and we meet the Seahawks new secret weapon.

Read all of that and more at the D.O.G Page.

And, way to bounce back, Rook. Ryan Plackemier did just fine on Sunday, thank you. The Ryan Report is up for week 3.

More Seahawks goodness for your reading pleasure.


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  1. Ummm, Alan, I know he won't be catching any more TDs this season, but the man's name is Will HELLER!!!

    Funny stuff, as always. Completely enjoyed the links to the graphics.

  2. OK, got the name changed. I blame having to live close to Saint Louis for my sudden illiteracy. The only thing the locals can spell correctly is BUD LIGHT.

    So, I'll give a replica ECBR to Mr. Heller for all his troubles. He deserves it.

  3. Best part, picture of the beatdown. Who the F is the clown up in the beatdownee's face with the camera? Way to help a brother out douche.