Friday, September 01, 2006

Newest Seahawk: Taima

Meet Taima, the newest Seahawk. Literally.

The Seattle Times provided an article on a project the Seahawks have been trying to use to add to the entertainment at Qwest Field. Taima obviously won the nickname contest, and it means 'Thunder'.

From the article:

Taima was full-grown in about two months. His wingspan is 5 feet, about twice that of Faith (formerly used bird that didnt work out). He eats raw meat, but Knutson buys it frozen and processed and then thaws it, almost like a TV dinner for birds.

The bird was at every Seahawks home game last season, and flew back and forth in the end zone before games, but wasn't ready to lead the team out of the tunnel yet. Not until Thursday night.

The bird is so calm on the sideline that fans have asked Knutson whether the hawk is drugged, if his wings are clipped or if his beak is taped shut. The answer is none of the above. Taima is just one well-behaved bird who allows fans to touch him, pet him and even treat him like a feathered Blarney Stone.

"He's so tame that some kids kiss the top of his head," Knutson said.

Knutson said he picked a bird noted for a calm demeanor. He has taken the hawk to airfields to acclimatize it to loud noises so a sold-out stadium isn't a shock, but he's also trained him differently than his other birds.

To read the rest of the article, click the link in the title of this post. If you are from the Times, dont kill us over using a piece of your article and a picture. We give you full credit, blah blah blah.

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  1. I will show you some love adp. Taima is cool how many teams do you know that actuallt get led out of the gates by their own mascots.

    There was a special segment about it on Seahawks All Access which is a local Seahawks coverage show and that bird is really disciplined and trained.

    Go Seahawks and Taima.

    Is Taima a boy or girl.

  2. Finally, someone shows a little caring for sweet, Taima...

    Who is a boy.

    I just think its an awesome idea that makes our team even more unique. I bet the Ravens, Cardinals, Falcons, and Eagles wish they had thought of it.

  3. It could be worse guys...

    ...we could always have a fashion show.

    Be even nicer if they could find a way to make it a little jersey...

  4. It may just be me, since birds of prey are an interest of mine, but I think this is a pretty freaking cool idea.

    It's also kinda cool that the bird isn't local, since no-body really knows what a 'Sea-hawk' is anyway, and now the mascot is unlike anything you're gonna see around here in the wild (or in the US).

  5. It is shows in our Fruit Of The Loom division (the nickname I gave it during my post of the Cards' fashion show awhile back)...that there is at least one cool team out there. And its not a geeky cool...its actually a cool cool. : )

    The interaction with fans is even better. Ive noticed players coming back out after games and literally chilling with the crowd, talking with fans while giving out autographs. The 12th man thing. The flag raising idea. Its such a seamless relationship, and all of it falls under the Seahawk franchise...nothing is out of place, and everything they do accomplishes a player-organization-fan relationship, while still relating to the Seahawks franchise.

    We do so many cool things that other teams dont, its just amazing. I dont see other teams doing anything like we've been doing, including precious Texas A@M.

  6. Finally, someone shows a little caring for sweet, Taima...

    Who is a boy.

    I was asking if the bird was male or female.

  7. Re post #6:
    That is unintentional (?) comedy at its best. Mad props, meez.

  8. CitK:
    Re post #6:
    That is unintentional (?) comedy at its best. Mad props, meez.


    I'm really lost,someone care to explain.

  9. they should change the name of the hawk to: Lombardi Envy. The Seahawks thought of something first? Just like the towels they waved, the 12th man. Oh, how about the Air Force falcon?????

  10. I still think they should've named the bird Steve.