Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Breaking News: Ponder Signed, Maurice Man Released

Yes, I used a 'breaking news' title for this, got a problem with it? Everybody's favorite mann is down on his luck. Its newsworthy if you have been paying attention to the pre season, as well as Training Camp.

For those who aren't familiar with Willie Ponder, hes a ST specialist, returns in particular. In fact, he is a pretty decent pickup. This move improves out STs, but hurts my feelings.

Mann, this sucks, mann.

*UPDATE*: Im happy to say that the Seahawks are going to Mann up, and put the Mann on the practice squad if and once he clears waivers, mann. It looked likely, but you never know with this team, so it was a sweat...to think, im riled up over a 5th string WR. : D.

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  1. Suck! I thought Mann was great. He caught everything thrown his way. I hope he can make it through waiver and put on the PS.

  2. No kidding, I asked if he was elgible to still make our PS, which looks possible, but we got 24 hours to sweat it.

    Just because he may of either played against sucky college competition, or he doesnt have the measureables, or he didnt put up great stats in college (whatever it may be), the bottom line is, he earned his shot. Jerry Rice played division II college football, and with the opportunity, look at him two decades later. With all these low-costing WRs who deserve spots getting cut, we may never see another great receiver come from out of nwhere. (granted, Rice was drafted high)

    Just saying, I understand the move, but its still sad, and frustrating for Mann.

  3. I second bok's comment. I guess now our return game has gotten better. I liked Scobey but he wasn't all that great as return specialist, I liked him more as a gunner anyways.

    I don't think Mann wasn't going to get a lot of passes thrown his way anyways.

  4. This was the last line in my AOL piece on the final cuts:

    However, nobody who is currently in a supporting role should feel too comfortable about making it past the 53-man cutdown, as General Manager Tim Ruskell is almost constantly sharpening his scalpel, and the final chapter of the Deion Branch situation has yet to be written.

    Not saying that this mean Deion is on his way here, but that the roster will continue to be tinkered with over the next several weeks.


    MAnn will be on the practice squad if and once he clears waivers. Great news. Ruskell, you da mann!

  6. I find it totally awesome (totally...) that the 5th WR is important to care about. I'll take avg 4 yards better per return over 14 catches any day. Now git yer ass to the PS Mann.

  7. As an alum and fan of Mann's college, I was disappointed to hear this. The thought of having two WRs on Seattle's roster from Nevada (Burleson being the other) was pretty cool. That he keeps getting dicked around in the NFL (the same "make-the-roster-and-get-cut-the-day-after" has happened before) stinks.

  8. Worry no more, Reno...he was placed on the practice squad and back at our practices with his Nevada'ed teammate.