Sunday, September 24, 2006

This Is What We DON'T Need In a Super Bowl Run

EDIT: This is hogwash. See comments.


We interrupt this regularly scheduled post game glee-fest to give attention to a sobering reality regarding the glut of talent in the Seahawks receiving corps, and the quietly unhappy Darryl Jackson.

Taken from Len Pasquarelli at

"Wide receiver Darrell Jackson had seven catches, two of them for touchdowns, in Seattle's victory over the New York Giants on Sunday. But it still won't be surprising, especially if Deion Branch picks up the offense quickly, if the Seahawks dangle Jackson before the trade deadline. Jackson wore a hand-written message on his cleats last week, "I need DB money," referring to Branch's new six-year, $39 million deal in Seattle and alluding to his desire for a new contract. Jackson is a talented guy, but some Seattle players don't feel they can count on him to stay healthy, and team officials are bored by his complaining about his contract."

Stop it, Darryl. Ask for DB money after you've played a DB season - one where you haven't missed several games to injury.

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  1. did we, and more importantly, the Seattle media, miss that message? Getting scooped by Peter King sucks.

  2. According to this article in the News Tribune I don't think we have anything to worry about.

    After the 42-30 victory over the New York Giants, Seattle Seahawks receiver Darrell Jackson made fun of new teammate Deion Branch’s height, lobbied for five-receiver sets and kept reporters laughing while turning his corner of the Qwest Field locker room into a Night at the Improv.

  3. I think you're right, alba.... Here's the audio from Sando:

    Sounds like he's just cutting it up. He spoke openly about it with no sense of angst. There has to be a small element of truth to it, but not to the picture that Pasqueerelli paints.

  4. oops...I obviously skimmed and didn't realize it was Pasqueerelli and not King who wrote the original piece.

  5. One of the local rags wrote about the "db money" thang before Pasqueerelli did. It was all goofing around. DJack showed it branch right off as a joke. I think Mr. P is trying to create some controversy where non exists.

  6. Dude,thats pretty old now...and it was a joke...Deion took it in stride. DJack has nothing to worry about. Hes the #1 guy no matter what. Money matters, but its all in fun. Otherwise he'd be off the team by now.

  7. Allright, so I'm an ignoramus. Props.

  8. D-Jack does deserve DB money. I know the salary cap goes up each year and that means the salary cap goes up but if you really look at it Branch has never broken 1000 yards and D-Jack has done it three times. Jackson is our best reciever lets treat him that way.

    If we end up getting rid of D-Jack for D-Branch I'm gonna be fuming.

  9. I agree with Meez, he's bitching about some bonus that Whitshit promised him, how much can it be? Pay the guy, move on.