Monday, September 11, 2006

Breaking News: Deion Branch Is A Seahawk!


The Deion Branch holdout is over, but Branch isn’t returning to the Patriots. Branch, the fifth-year receiver, has been traded to the Seattle Seahawks for a 2007 first-round draft choice today.

The 5-foot-9, 193-pound Branch was entering the final year of the five-year contract he signed as a rookie in 2002. Unhappy with that deal, he held out of training camp.

Then, in late August, the Patriots gave Branch permission to negotiate with other clubs, and the Seahawks and Jets made contract offers. But a trade with New England couldn’t be consummated by the Patriots’ imposed deadline of Sept. 1 and Branch remained with the Patriots.

Credit to the Boston Globe

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Who Gets Released to Make Room for Branch?
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  1. Typical Boston fans. Everywhere I look, they seem to like the trade, but go the extra mile to wish us disaster and a losing record. They're also using the easy schedule card, which is moot considering we were the best team in the NFL last year, and are again this year. We always start off slow.

    Im annoyed our team is getting bashed for a fair trade. Have someone use a poison pill to steal Tom Brady from them and THEN come back with legitimate hatrid. Very classless.

    Shame on you Boston fans.

  2. Excellent! The Hawks have needed someone that can stretch the field for soooo long!!! The 4 wide group: Burleson, Branch, Jackson, Engram....ohhh I'm so giddy.

  3. Boston fans? Dumb? Isn't that basically the plot behind "Fever Pitch"

    Along with D.J. Hackett, we can really make the passing game vertical now. Nice job by the front office.

  4. Ive misinterpreted some of the Pats fans who are rooting against us...didnt even think should we lose, they get a better pick. Still...

  5. Turn your iMOM upside down: WOW!

    That there is one hell of a group of receivers. They compare VERY favorably to the pack in Arizona, plus the Hawks have a better QB, HB, FB, and line. And everyone's hopping on the Cards' bandwagon--look north, fools!

    That said, how long before Branch gets in game shape? He hasn't played in a long time...

  6. My only concern is team chemistry, and having four great receivers but only one ball to throw on each down!

    That being said, Holms and Matt are good at spreading the wealth, and I think the other guys will be as giddy as we are about the trade.

    Good work getting this on the blog quickly, ADP. Or should we now start calling you ASAP?

  7. Ho-hum, another blockbuster FA signing for the defending NFC champs... it's no wonder since they got the richest owner in the NFL.

    Turn your iMOM upside down: WOW! BWAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAA! Although I don't know about comparing them to Az, them boys are monster big, monster fast, monter athletic. QB is what makes Seattle WRs go, WR's are what makes Az QB('s once he gets hurt) go.

    Branch doesn't care about stats Alb, he was the "go to guy" in NE, still hasn't broke 1000 yards on a season.

    I'm honestly not that excited about the signing, unless D-Jack is really bad off (no signs Sunday), or Burleson is really not getting it (nobody else was open either unless they were on a slant), this is kind of ho-hum. How does Branch fit into the game plan? Is he better than the player he replaces? Or does he "replace" D-Jack and D-Jack replaces Engram? That would be the best fit IMO, use D-Jack as the 3rd, Engram replacing either Burleson or Branch on 3rd down when you need the RAC guys in.

  8. ADP - I hope you don't mind me adding a link to a poll I created on teh SeahawkBlue site to the bottom of your post.

    JoSCh - I think Branch is replacing Joe Jurevicus. A veteran clutch WR who will work himself into the lineup and catch everything thrown his way.

  9. I don't see how anyone can NOT be excited about this trade, Brach is a great wr, better than anyone we had except maybe D-Jack, and Branch has better hands. This is win-win baby!

  10. No problem Alba, thanks for the props...I warned you guys yesterday that a trade was expected. Mortenson echoed it, and said the Seahawks were the favorites. He had no proof as to why we were the favorites though. I looked at it like this: if a trade happens before the grievance trial, its going to be Seattle. The Jets wouldn't and shouldn't trade their first rounder (prolly high pick), so their offer would stand with a 2nd rounder. Im surprised this wasn't getting hyped yesterday...

    Make no mistake guys, Jackson is still the best receiver on this team. I watched Holmgren's conference today and he said exactly what I said reading some of the 'raped' comments going on the internet. We have one TE that does anything. We need more catching receivers.

    There are only two things that could make this trade ridiculously stupid. 1, we somehow end up with a top 20 pick (cant blame FO since this would be a hindsight scenerio)...or 2, we let DJ Hackett go.

    Honestly, I think Scoobs is gone. He seems a little jealous and the PI even said he wasn't happy about being relieved of return duties. That spells trouble, and if the apron is on fire...cut the strings before you get burned. (made that up on the spot cause i dont remember the popular phrase). Ashworth could be cut, though doubtful given his TE duties, and contract. Kaz is another possibility, but I dont think that helps special teams. People better pray that the FO sees Scoobs as a Bannister type, or its over for him.

  11. We got two weeks before the release, so who knows when we'll know.

    You know guys, its nice to sit back and relax, knowing that our top 5 receivers could start for 75% of the teams in the NFL.

    Looks like my birthday wont be too bad after all. (tomorrow)

  12. Love the trade hope NE ends up getting the 32nd draft pick in the 2007 NFL draft.

    Why does Ashworth have a job. I'm a 150 pound and could have done better job blocking yesterday.

  13. He's identity theft protection. See, everybody knew it wasnt' Big Walt out there, Ashworth is doing his job...

    Branch isn't "replacing" Joe, he's a completely different type of WR. Either Branch, or one of the existing WR's becomes depth. Not a bad thing, just not sure we needed another top SALARY wideout to go along with D-Jack and Burleson. Can I see this biting us? Not really, certainly not this year, there aren't any impact DE's holding out or anything. And I suppose with the ever increasing cap eventually Branch, Burleson and D-Jack will be among the lowest paid WRs.

    Wonder where realist is to let us know this is the worst signing ever?

  14. Wow Josch...great post. Lots of good points, and I agree 100%

    I also see Realist put his thinking cap on...seriously, he has to like us a little bit...why else would he continually come here out of his way to insult us? Or, maybe he just came by for my birthday today : )

  15. Hey ADP...stop plugging your birtday.

    I mean we got you DEION FREAKING BRANCH.

    What more do you want??!! :-)

  16. realist = bluefoot... frigging alter ego.

    No props for the identity theft joke? Why do you guys hate me. Oh, heard Branch signed. Wonder if he'll loan me $30 until Friday?

  17. The identity theft joke was hilarious JoSCH. Only after hide perfomance yesterday I was thinking more along the lines of fraud monitoring.

  18. Me plugging my birthday? I dont recall such a thing...

  19. My son's birthday also is 9/12. That's all.