Thursday, September 28, 2006

Hawks At Bears Preview

This week, we will go into the most important and quite possibly, toughest game of the year. Once again the ailing Hawks will not go on to the battle field with all weapons at hand. Seattle lost its league MVP rushing and touchdown champion.
"Alexander The Great" will be M.I.A. for the first time in his tenure as a Seahawk. His streak of 100 consecutive games played will come to a screeching halt despite his claims of a miraculous intervention from the man above. The man at the top -Mike Holmgren- say's "God doesn't run this ship, I do" and your sitting this one out. Dispite Shauns claims of being ready to play.

It seems that even the sports radio hosts of the Seattle area are choosing the Bears as the victors of this meeting. Which I find a bit odd considering the history of events that that have followed the Hawks on Sunday night football and considering their record against Chicago.

The Mike Holmgren led Seahawks are 6-2 on Sunday night games and Seattle is 14-8 all time under the Sunday night lights.

The Seahawks are heading for their ninth meeting of the Bears and hold a 6-2 edge against Chicago. Seahawks are 3-1 at home and 3-1 at Soldier Field.

So whats all the anti Seattle fuss about? Seems the Bears taunted defense and a no name QB, Rex Grossman, has gotten all the confidence of the football drooling world, including the Seattle media. True, Rex Grossman has put up some stellar numbers passing this season ranking him 3rd in the league but what seems to matter most is a teams ability to find a way to win against all odds, which mind you, The happless Bears, who BTW, were one and done last season in the playoffs being ousted by the crumbling Panthers, did not do last season. Oh they wanted to see us in the NFC Title game but were un-able to meet us there, where mind you, The Hawks were waiting with open arms, and fans.

So, lets see if you, the Hawks faithfull can convince me, MaxHawk, why the Hawks will not win this game. Because quite frankly, I think its a no brainer and am going to ride this ship until it loses. Which may not be any time soon.

MaxHawk...12 Street Writer.

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  1. Great piece Max!

    I too have a hard time figuring out how the Seahawks will lose this game. I don't believe all the hype that's been surrounding this Bear defense since last year. Remember, this is the same club that needed a 106 yard missed field goal returned for a TD last season, just to escape with a win over the hapless 49ers!

    But even if you do give the slightest of edge to the Bears defense, you gotta at least give 5-10 times that edge to the Seahawk offense, even without Shaun MVP-xander.

    I get the spread, since home field is supposed to be worth 3 points no matter who you are, but I think this is more of a pick 'em than a Seahawk road-dog.

    TO play devil's advocate though, we were one-and-done in 2004, losing in the wild card round, at home, to a very beatable opponent, and look what happened to us in 2005. Not saying the Bears are Superbowl bound, but what happened last year is not always relevant.

    Phuck that logic though, Seahawks win going away, 27-9

  2. I can see us losing this game. Their defense is good. I get to watch them just about every week, and last year and this year, their defense has been outstanding. What concerns me is that our offensive line is not quite together yet.

    As big of a homer as the Bears guy on AOL was he did raise an interesting point when he asked who would block their five pro-bowl defensive players on the line and linebacker positions. I'm not saying Hass will get sacked five times, but I think he'll be pressured.

    The key to this game is turnovers. Yeah, yeah, all games come down to turnovers, but I think this game will be especially important. The Bears win because they always get a clutch fumble recovery or interception. They give their offense short fields, which is good because anything over 60 yards is tough for Chicago. (Thats not a joke, thats an honest assesment)

    The Seahawks are good at keeping the ball. But we've never seen MoMo with a good workload before. How will he handle the punishment and focus needed to play down after down?

    You asked a Seahawk fan to explain how we could lose this game, and there is your answer. I believe we will win, but we have to hold onto the ball. If we do that, we'll be fine. If not, we could be 3-1. If we do win, I don't think it will be by more than a touchdown. Its going to be a fun, tough game on Sunday.

  3. It seems like a pick 'em game to me. Soldier Field is up there with Quest and Mile High as the toughest places to play in the NFC. Both defenses are tough.

    At best, Mo-Mo will produce better than a hurt Alexander and the 4-wide-out packages will continue to thrive. I have little doubt that the defense will rise to the challenge.

    At worst, Matt will throw more picks because he is forced to pass more often. Mo-Mo could have the small handed tailback syndrome and be a little bit fumble prone compared to Alexander. Mo-Mo reminds me a little bit of other small, quick backs like Ahman Green, Napoleon Kaufman, and Bienemy. Hopefully, he'll hold onto the ball.

    Hass watches a heck of a lot of film, and he seems pretty self critical. So, I'm hoping for the best. When I saw the schedule at the beginning of the year, I didn't think the team would beat both NY and Chicago, but, I never thought the first game would be so easy. No game is unwinnable for the Hawks. The deserve to be at the top of the power polls; they still could be the most balanced team in football and they aren't satisfied--they're perfectionists. The defense wasn't happy about the 4th quarter points against the giants and Hass was upset about his picks. I love that.

  4. When I first looked at the Seahawks' schedule, I predicted a 13-3 season with losses at Chicago, at KC, and at Denver. Now after 3 games, Chicago hasn't impressed me. Yes, they have a great defense. So do we. Who did Rex Grossman shred? The Lions at Solider Field, not exactly a tough assignment. They only scored one offensive touchdown against Green Bay, who is rebuilding their D. Grossman played just well enough to get the W at Minnesota. He hasn't faced a high-caliber defense in a game situation yet.

    I think this game is going to come down to who can put the most pressure on the opposing quarterback. If the Bears pull a NY Giants, Hass and the Fantastic 4 are going to pick apart the Bears' secondary. If the 'Hawks can't put pressure on Grossman, it gives him time to get the ball to Mushin Muhammad, the only real threat that the Bears have.

  5. The key to this game is turnovers. Exactly

    Mo-Mo could have the small handed tailback syndrome and be a little bit fumble prone A legitimate concern, but I bet Mack takes more snaps than Mo.

    Who did Rex Grossman shred? Exactly.

    Who did da Bears pick up in the secondary? The one that got severely burned last year by the good passing teams they played. Ricky Manning Jr.? Really? Didn't he just no plea to beating a guy? Regardless, they still got Tillman in in the nickel at least, so there's some toast.

    With Spencer now in, Gray back and Sims ready to roll if Gray ain't as back as he should be, I think the 3 pro bowl blockers and the pro bowl QB will be able to handle the 5 pro bowl DL and LB. Where is the Seattle weakness? RG (maybe), Nate Burleson (maybe)? I don't see any other weakness, time management I guess.

  6. "As big of a homer as the Bears guy on AOL was he did raise an interesting point when he asked who would block their five pro-bowl defensive players on the line and linebacker positions. I'm not saying Hass will get sacked five times, but I think he'll be pressured."

    How many sacks did the Giants--with their knobgobbled defensive line--rack up last week? Errr, zero? I think the Hawks' O-line is gelling quite nicely.

  7. Exactly CitK...although I think they'll use it less since the Bears will be expecting it, but the 4-WR set takes at least one of their LBs off the field, which greatly impacts their ability to rush the passer.

  8. I'd start with Burleson and Engram in the backfield, flanking Strong, with Hasselbeck at TE. Just before the snap I'd spread the receivers out, exchange Strong and Hasselbeck. Then, Strong would return to the backfield, and receive the snap. He'd hand to Hasselbeck, who would pretend to run, but really huck it downfield, where Jackson and Branch are running hand in hand up the middle of the defense. One of them is bound to catch it, while the other can block off any defenders coming to stop the pass. Once he catches it, he can lateral 20 yards back to Strong, who now has a clear running lane all the way to the end zone since the defenders have closed on Jackson and Branch. Call me at 1800-SMARTONY to find out the rest of my game plan!

  9. I watched that Chicago - Minnesota game last week and if not for the defense coming up with big turnovers the Bears lose that game. Minnesota had the ball near mid field and fumbled the ball with like 3 minutes left. Even if they hadn't got a first down they would have punted and most likely pinned them deep. Then the Bears would have had trouble moving the ball again. Rex "The Greatest QB in NFL History" Grossman through some horrible passes in this game, 2 picks, including one returned for a touchdown.

    Chicago's D is definately their strong point. And they will take the ball from the Hawks if given the opportunity. The main thing in this game will be to hold onto the football and protect Matt.

    Minnesota did have several big pass plays against the Bears when they gave Brad Johnson time. So if that fossil can make plays, then definately Hass can.

    How can the Hawks lose? If they give up sacks like they did against Detroit and turn the ball over they will lose. If they have decent protection and have a few sustained drives the Hawk D should be able to hold the Bears in check.

  10. Not only are we going to win this game we will win big. Not only will the offense score points but so will the defense.
    Remember the last time the Seahawks had a regular season primetime game. 43-3 well maybe not that big of a blow out but we will show the league who us clearly number one in the NFL

  11. Oops...the schedule makers did not give you SF, Az or Houston. Yeah you won big alright. Amazing what happens when you play a real team.

  12. Now that was a beatdown. Too bad the schedule makers couldn't arrange extra SF or Az meetings.

  13. "realist" comes back in after a loss. Dude, where are you after Hawks' wins? Or by "realist" do you mean "pessimist?" Hawks are 3-1, still in 1st. That's real, baby.