Tuesday, September 19, 2006

monkey's Banana Peel Award

A little late, but better than never, here is this weeks edition of banana awards, and just like last week, if the player did well, I give him a banana, (or at least a slice of banana) but if he perfomed poorly, I chuck smelly rotten banana peels at him.

Last weeks game, was like watching a car stuck in neutral, trying to get down a rush hour traffic freeway, it was frustrating to watch. This week, it was more like watching a first time driver trying to learn to use the clutch, at times we got it into gear, and other times, it was just a lot of noise and gear grinding.
Fortunately, just like last week, we did just enough offensively, and had another stellar and dominating defensive performance, which was good enough for the win, against a vastly inferior and overhyped Cardinals squad, which still looks about four or five offensive linemen away from being a serious contender.

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  1. Heard a guy on the radio talking about how defenses are now blitz the be-geezes out of the Hawks, not to stop the pass, but to slow down SA. And according to that guy, it's working. An interesting suggestion, but I think there's more to it than that. It looks to me like SA is back to the same routine as 2 years ago. 'Member when everyone was debating whether he was worth a big contract. Well now he has the contract. I wonder what the largest drop off ever has been for the defending rushing title holder?

    Personally, I'd like to see MoMo get more time. I watched him in college and now in the pros, and while he's not your prototypical back, the man does nothing but rack up the yards.

    BTW, Holmy pretty much put the missed kick on Placimier (sp?). He botched the spin, which was a problem with him all through the preseason.

  2. I heard on the Mike Homgren show that MoMo got to see a little extra time the last game because Alexander had something that was bugging his foot not a real injury but something in his foot was bugging him. Second off the line wasn't getting a push at all so its pretty hard to get yards when Porkchop wiffs the blockers, but Gray was doing a good job.

    I can't wait for Spencer to be playin in the game. He is great at run blocking and might even be able to rival Hutch at that.

    Can we run the ball a little more consistently. I mean in play calls sometimes it looked like all we did for a few drives was pass. I know we pass to set up the run but come on Holmy remember how we got to the Superbowl last year RUN THE DAMN BALL!!!

  3. Meezy, that's exactly what I am saying, run the damn ball!
    I didn't know that about Alexander, and if that is the case I can excuse him a little bit, it is hard to be aggressive running the ball when you foot hurts. I'd still like to see him put his shoulder into someone rather than sliding like a QB once in while, but oh well.

    All in all what you just said prety much echoes what I was saying...so I guess that makes me right once again eh? Hehe, yes...this just in...it has been confirmed that monkey is officially, a genius, and all should fear his monkey wrath.

  4. no offense taken...good rant, monkey boy!

  5. If there are two things upon which I've come to depend in my blogging career, it's that nobody rants like Monkey, and that he's almost always right.

    I, too, would like to see the Hawks run the ball. However, as was stated, they have to set up the run with an effective passing game. Dropping five passes--all would have gone for first downs--last Sunday was not a way to do it. Shaun grinded it out in his own fashion, but the Cards just blitzed constantly because the passing game was sputtering, repeatedly annihilating Alexander for losses.

    Further, Morris and Strong had their rushing success when Alexander was out, and the Cards resultingly expected pass plays. The Hawks have to find a way to get Alexander 25-30 carries, but also to make the passing game work, so the big runs can be made by their big guy instead of his merry elves. Once Burleson quits performing his K-Rob impression and Branch adds his Jergens-soft hands to the mix, I think the offense will take off. Effective passing = effective running.

  6. Don't worry, monkey, the biased East Coast media will rip Eli a new one next Monday after the Seahawks' D makes him eat a steady diet of Qwest Field turf.

    I'm going to be bold here, and already predict a 35-3 Seahawks win next Sunday.


  7. Wow, bold predicition!

    Since you opened the door, C/K, I'd like to explore the Burelson intrigue. I have a couple of points:

    1. Bureslon does not seem to be getting seperation. With his speed and quickness, he should, on occasion, be yards away from a defender on given pass plays to him. But what I've seen is that Hasselbeck usually has to thread the needle to get him the ball. Jackson and Engram, even though slower, have been much more open when the ball heads their way. That just tells me he needs to work on his skills and study his opponent better.

    2. In Holmgren's King Walsh Version of the Holy West Coast Offense, he often uses speedy WR's as more of a threat to open up other receivers, even if that reciever is not necessarily directly productive himself. Koren Robinson was a classic example, he refused to bench his sorry ass for all the dropped passes, because he brought so much athletic ability to the table it opened up other receivers, creating space by diversion. Another example is Jerramy Stevens - when he is healthy and in shape - he requires enough attention from the LB's and safeties that it opens up the rest of the offense, even the running game. (Which is part of the reason, I believe, the Seahawks are in an offensive slump.)

    Bottom line, I think that Burelson brings a little more to the table than just dropped passes, and a lack of balls thrown his way he opens up the offense for others.

    Not that it's an excuse... If he could get a little more open on a regular basis, he would draw that much more attention, and be that much more effective, Not to mention actually move the chains once and a while -- not just be a decoy or inseted into the lineup just because a guy with his contract numbers shouldn't ride the bech..

  8. Swell rant. FYI, Alexander is never going to be a "tough runner" when he's gained 5 on 3rd and 4, or when he's gained 2 on 2nd and 10. Not in his nature, and he wants to play as long as he can. Although I will say, f your wittle tootsie, tape it and run sissy!

    Also, being the reigning MVP and rushing champion has put a huge target on him, CitK has is right, pass to set the run, or pass to pass, whatever, but the run won't work effectively until the passing game (Burleson!!!) gets in gear. Burleson, Chop, and Stevens absence are the cause of this IMO, 2 of those issues have been rectified. If Branch has just 5 catches this weekend before the start of the 4th quarter, Seahawks win going away (or grinding away).

    Mike, that is bold. Line is +3.5 Seahawks right now... at least you're taking the under. Gonna have to give the good guys another touch to hit the over.

  9. I agree that the lack of Stevens is putting a crimp in the offense.

  10. Alexander is a "tough runner" and he is the reigning MVP. The O-Line needs to continue to gel. Give Spencer a few games. By mid-season he'll be fine, and the O-Line could be dominant again. Alexander is probably not going to have as many 130 yard games this year, but, he should have plenty of 100 yard games, and I think he'll hit at least 1,400 yards.

    I'm a little bit concerned about the 4 receiver sets with Branch. Hopefully, it will be a positive instead of a negative. J. Peterson has shown that he can blend in well with the defense without needing to be the sole "star" of a game. He's always been in position so far and that's awesome.

    Hopefully, Branch can blend in with the offense just as well. Tight end will probably play a lesser role in the game planning this week, and that is usually a big part of the West Coast Offense. Hass can't afford to throw any picks while the team is making adjustments. I say surprise the Giants by involving the tight end and Alexander more than they are expecting this week.

  11. The reason that D-Jack can get seperation and burleson can't is that D-jack is the best route runner in the league or atleast in my opinion.