Monday, September 18, 2006

Pork Chop or Spencer?


But what do you think? Should Pork Chop be given more time?
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  1. Damn. I was right for the wrong reasons.

    Either way, the line will play better against the Gi-aints.

  2. Still wish it was Sims so Spence could concentrate on taking over for Tobeck. And I wish Identity Theft Protection would learn to be a guard...

  3. You know, I would never wish anything bad on any of our players, but knowing how Holmgren seems to have so much loyalty to his players (both a blessing and a curse) he may not have had the heart to bench Womack even though his crappy play was deserving of being benched and he was being vastly outplayed by Spencer; so while I am not happy he is hurt, it may turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

    Just watch some tape of the first two games and you will see that, in both games after Spencer replaced Womack, there was an immediate improvement on the O-Line. Pok Chop was on his heels getting pushed around, Spencer was knokcing guys on their butts. BIG difference! And you'll notice too, that both times Spencer replaced Womack, we went on scoring drives soon after; while Wonack was in it mostly looked like the offense was stuck in neutral and Hass got harrassed constantly, after Spencer, we scored because Hass had more time.

    Your honor, I would like to submit this game film as evidence that Spencer did it, while Womack...well he didn't do much of anything...and on that I will rest my case.