Saturday, September 16, 2006

GAMEDAY: Cardinals @ Seahawks

From the way they played in Detriot, it appeared the Seahawks decided to stretch the pre-season into Week 1. Well, they're back at Qwest field now and hosting this year's version of Cinderella, the Arizona Cardinals. Unfortunately for the visitors, it's Warner's jaw that's made of glass, not his slippers!

As if the 12th Man needed a reason to get psyched, not only will they be re-raising the NFC Championship banner at halftime, but they'll be also raising #96 into the rafters, as they induct Cortez Kennedy into the Ring of Honor and officially retire his number.

For those who will not be at the game, remember to join your fellow Seahawks fans online for the:

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Here's some other things to keep you busy waiting for the 1:00pm kickoff:

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(p.s. he wore #99 for a season as a tribute to Jerome Brown)

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Click to read this Sunday Funny from Mike Pascale

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  1. Firstly, after the sloppy game last week, I think things will be much tighter this week, and we will stomp the Tards UGLY. But the real reason I posted is just to say that it is SO past time that we put Tez number up!
    I lived in Seattle at the time that Tez was playing, and although there were seasons back then when we only won two or three games, and our team was atrocious, Tez always made watching Seahawks footballl fun. I used to make a hibit out of watching and counting too see how many lineman they would try to block him with on each play. He was ALWAYS double teamed, always, but on half the plays I watched he ended up being triple teamed as well, and yet he would still, somehow manage to blast his way in to somehow disrupt the play, whether it was a sack or blowing up the run play before the runner was able to get back to the line.

    Tez was so consistently great for so long, it was amazing, and always gave me something to watch even when the rest of the team was wretched. I miss watching the big guy, but am so glad to see his number finally get placed where it belongs.

  2. Right on, monkey... Today is a special day for me as a fan, too, seeing Tez inducted. Let the campaign for Tez going into Canton begin today!

  3. Get the banana peels out, monkey.

    That gameday comic was absolutely HILARIOUS!