Sunday, September 10, 2006

Citizen K Likes This Award 9-10-06

Uggh. Winning a game like today's is like boxing Lyle Lovett for 14 grueling rounds, using gloves filled with bubble wrap, then secretly replacing your padding with a brick in the last minute and knocking the f@(ker out as you stumble to the ropes in exhaustion as the final bell sounds. In other words, ugly, frustrating, yet oddly satisfying. (For the same reason, it could also be compared to seducing Paris Hilton...)

Since Citizen K only saw the second half due to his church choir job resuming today, he basically didn't see any offense by the Seahawks at all, until that gritty final effort. He did, however, see a lot of hideous, bubble-wrapped offense (and that does not refer to any sort of protection Hasselbeck might have received, as the term "protection" can in no way be applied to the "effort" put forth by the offensive line today.) Did he see anything worth liking? Not likely (pun intended,) but just in case, read his awards post to find out.

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  1. Holy crap, I love you, man. Can you father my children? Really. Then you can write about them. Nothing would make me die smilier. Great post, man.

  2. I did not read Alba's or Alan's awards before composing mine. Amazing that all three of us employed the "scoring with a skank" analogy. The likemindedness we've built up on this blog is vastly superior to that of the Hawks at this point in the season...

  3. Damn, I'm odd man out. Call me Womack.

    Does a blow up doll in a tornado count?

  4. Man, if I could write like that I wouldn't have to beg for feedback. Bravo, my friend. Too many good lines to give you kudos for any of them individually. If our offense was as tight and orchestrated as that post, we would have won that game 77 - 0!

    We are not worthy, we are not worthy!

  5. Captain Caveman9/11/2006 03:04:00 PM

    Good stuff, Cit K. While I remain furious at "our" inability to score against the LIONS (of all teams!), a lot of the pundits out there are crediting Shaun Rogers's skill and freakish beastliness, not Pork Chop's incompetence, for the line play. I think we'll see happier results next week in the opener, where the headache will be the opponent's offense, not its D.

  6. Yay that is some awesome writing man, maybe if i could write like you i would actually major in history which i love by the way.

    Like one of my friends said the Seahawks played their worst offensive game possible and still won. Thats the mark of a good team anybody can win when everything is clicking but its the good teams that win even when they play bad.

  7. I have nothing whatsoever to add, because as usual you said it all CitK. Another great post, what's new?