Sunday, September 24, 2006

Week 3: Seahawks 42, Giants 30 - Time Warp in the 4th

What ... the ... HELL just happened here? Did Qwest Field warp back to 2004 for about 10 minutes of the 4th quarter? I was all set to write a recap hailing the Seahawks as hands down the best team in the NFL, with the post title to say "Eli Who?", when the Giants erupted for 27 unanswered points to turn a 42-3 blowout into a 42-30 heart attack inducer.

OK, I'm still going to say that the Seahawks are the best team in the NFL. When you throw up 42 on the scoreboard without 2 of your starting O-linemen and the best running back in the NFL limping around and not doing much today, that says something. When your defense shuts down an offense that is supposed to give you matchup problems (well, for 3 quarters anyway), that says something. It says, "We are going to win today, no matter how good you think you are or how bad we play."

When I made my bold prediction of a 35-3 Seahawks win, I had no idea that I was going to nail the halftime score.

WELCOME TO SEATTLE, DEION BRANCH! Hopefully, you catch a TD pass (or 3) next week!

UPDATE: Jeremy Shockey took a cue from Tiki Barber, and complained about the Giants getting outcoached. I don't how long ESPN will keep the video clip up, but it is funny to watch.

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  1. Russian Roulette9/24/2006 05:12:00 PM

    best running back in the NFL?

    sure he had a bunch of yards and td's last year but he isn't that good...he shuffles in the backfield, dives to the ground when touched, and overall is not impressive when you watch him each and every week.

    he is a product of the offense and the offensive line, we are now seeing the real SA. it is the same thing as last year - shuffle around, dive to the ground, break a few 10+ yard runs each game, and for some reason people think he is an amazing athlete. sure he tries hard when there's a touchdown in it for him, sometimes the occasional first down...nowhere near a Ladanian Tomlinson, or even a Warrick Dunn for that matter, at least they play hard every play.

    and yes, i am a seahawks fan, have been for years, i am just frustrated with the Shaun Alexander worship that seems very undeserving

  2. Randy that YOU?

    The LEAGUE voted him MVP last year, in case you didn't notice.

    Our new offensive line is finally taking shape, as Spencer seems to be the answer at LG, and once SA's foot heals, you'll see him return to his old form.

    Great win today. Should have been a shut out.

  3. of course those other seasons before last year alexander was a bum. he didn't do a thing in this league.

  4. Here we go again...another Alexander hater.
    Yup you're right, he sucks, has always sucked, will always suck. I mean he NEVER was ay good in Bama, he sucked there.
    And he has NEVER been good in each and every signle frickin season for the Hawks, he's ALWAYS sucked here. I mean, so he scores tons of touchdowns and runs for tons of huge first downs and yards, he still sucks right?
    *Sarcasm off*
    People, give me a break, did Morris do any better??? NO!!! Why? BECAUSE THERE WERE SO FEW HOLES TO RUN IN!
    Why must this SA bashing continue? All he has done for us is score more touchdowns than any Seahawk in history, break the alltime touchdown record, rack up tons of yards and crucial first downs...I just don't get the bitching. Grow up!

  5. All time single season TD record that is.

  6. c'mon Monkey, don't let the facts get in the way of a weak argument!

  7. Wow, I thought this post was going to get comments about the game, not be the start of a Shaun Alexander debate.

    That being said, I'll add another question to debate about.

    he is a product of the offense and the offensive line

    Aren't ALL running backs a product of their offensive line (just ask Edge)?

  8. SA certainly looked to me like he is not healthy yet. I didn't see his normal explosive burst through the hole, and there were some holes to run through. Semmed pretty obvious it was hurting still.

    As far as the game goes the final score doesn't really concern me. I thinks it's pretty normal to relax a little when you are up by that much. It's a little dissapointing but still obvious
    who the superior team is.

    Welcome back Hammer!

    I'm drooling over the possibilities of the "fun bunch". How do you cover all of those guys? And we still don't even have Stevens back.

  9. I have a feeling the big comeback and the end of the game wouldn't have happened if Strahan did not cause that interception. Prior to that the Giants showed no signs of life. But momentum is a tricky thing. It's a good thing that there wasn't that much time left or it may have gone down to the wire. Previous Hawk teams would have found a way to lose that game, they would have allowed the onside kick or fumbled or worse (See the Rams game in 2004 and Baltimore games in 2003). Atleast we have proven that we can still find a way to win these games and not completely fall apart like in years past.

    I would have loved the final score to have been 42-3, but all that counts at the end of game is the W and that we are 3-0. Of course this just means that in every game that Eli plays in the rest of the year they are going to talk about how he waits until the last quarter to come back to win.

    Big game this week against the Bears on SNF. BTW does anyone else hate the presentation on SNF? Bob Costas seems like he is just picking up the paycheck. Not good.

    Anyways. I think if we play like we did in the first 3 quarters of this game it may be a repeat of the results as well. The Bears have a much better defense than NYG does, but if we give Matty time he'll pick them apart. Especially with my new favorite player Mr Branch in the mix.

    I think if SA is hurting like he did in this game that he should sit until he is healthy. I'm sure he won't like it, but I'd rather have a healthy SA down the stretch than to have him limping around all year.

    The four wide set should give teams problems and in the short term could replace a running game with short passes. It also spreads the field and allows for big runs up the middle like Mack had in this game.

    The main thing will be to protect Matt again. If they can do that, which could be a tall order against Chitown, he will be able to sit back there and pick them apart.

    This game will be a big measuring stick for the Hawks, and if they win should prove to everyone that they are indeed the real deal Holyfield.