Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Meet Mo Morris

Maurice Morris, or "Mo Mo" to most Seahawks fans, is a five year veteran who has been contributing in any way possible since being drafted prior to the 2002 season. He has run back both punts and kicks, and has seen action in at least 15 games for each of the past three seasons.

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  1. I'm a total Mo homer. I watched him for 2 years quietly shred the PAC-10. He would have had more national cache if he hadn't had to split time with Mr. Whizzinator--Ontario Smith.

    I'd never say that he's a better back than SA, but he's different, and I believe a more natral fit for Holmy's system--in some ways a poor man's Ricky Waters. IMHO he gets to the hole faster, gets to the corner faster, can catch much, much better, and always puts his head down for the extra yard.

    I'll go out on a limb and predict, that Mo will do better than expected during SA injury. Further, if SA has a sub-par performance when he's back, the boards will light up with a RB controversy. Hell half the fans want to trade SA anyway--which I don't support.

    He was a top JC recruit going into Oregon. In 2 years he racked up 466 carries for 2237 yard--that's spliting time--averaging 4.7/carry and 17 TDs. He added another 307 yards on 35 reception--8.8/catch. He was the first Oregon player to ever have back to back 1000 rushing yards seasons.

  2. I'll bet Mo Mo racks up over 100 all purpose yards on Sunday.

  3. I'll take that bet. Seems everybody has forgotten About Leonard Weaver and Maurice Weeks. Lest we not forget how Weeks tore the hell out of preseason, last season. I personally thought he would give S.A. a run for his money, When S.A. was runnin' for his money.

    Sorry guy's Mo hasn't got what Weaver and Weeks bring to the table, I hear tale that Walrus is bringing him up from the practice squad just for the occasion.

    I, for one, have been waiting for him to show his goods and he may just get the chance to make us all say, Shaun who?

  4. Weeks will absolutely be brought up from the practice squad, if for not other reason than insurance. If Mo Mo gets hurt, our backup RB is ST gunner Josh Scobey!

    Forget Weaver, he's on IR and done for the year.

    And I'm sorry, but even if Mo Mo and/or Weeks play extremely well beyond anyone's hope and desire, no way will they make anyone say "Shaun Who?" That's just wrong.

  5. Ok, Alba. Ya got me there, but my point is well taken I see. I haven't quite been up on everything in Hawks land as of late and had not heard about Weaver. Be that as it may. I'm not sure that Scoobey can be the feature back that Weeks can be. the only thing I see stopping Weeks is the pecking order of seniority. Even tho, I, in my vast wisdom of everything is about "me" land, think that giving him the ball would be the correct move.

    BTW. Shaun entered Walrus' office and said there has been a devine intervention and his bone in his foot has miraculoiusly heald and is ready to play. Holms said, "slow down big fella, we'll take more pics and see if the Heavanly father has indead heald you through the power of prayer".

  6. I also see that doing a spell check would be in order too.

  7. Mo has come up with some clutch plays this year. He had a nice run at the end of the Detroit game to get them in range for the field goal, and a few nice runs in the Cardinals game. Of course that's because he is a change of pace from SA, but I think he'll do ok. I wouldn't expect him to pound away for the tough yards but if you get him out in the open field he can do some damage.

  8. Hey, let's be honest. We need MoMo to hold onto the freaking ball and that's about it. If he gains yards, great. For short tough yards we've got Mack. For everything else, we have about 57 wide receivers and a ProBowl QB.

  9. I agree alba, if he doesn't make any stupid mistakes that will most likely be good enought to win. Although I wouldn't be surprised if he busted a big play or two against an over pursuing Bears defense. The main issue will be protection which has been a concern with MoMo in picking up the blitz. I'm sure they are working on this all week.

    I have faith in the Walrus,


  10. I'm betting that the Walrus will use the Fantastic Four to spread the Bears D out wide enough to open up a lot of lanes for Mo. When you have four or five very capable wide outs, they have to fall back into coverage leaving less than man to man coverage on Mo, Mack or Hass.

    Holms will dust off playbooks of old that he used in Green Bay to dismantle this suppossed Bear defense.

  11. I don't know about that... Seems to me if the Hawks go 4-wide early, the Bears will probably blitz the heck out of Hasselbeck to see if they can overwhelm the line and Morris before Hasselbeck hit the hot receiver. That's what the Lions did most of the game, and we all saw the havoc it wreaked on the Hawks' offense. Once Hasselbeck proves he can beat the blitz with outlet/screen passes, they will back off and Morris can get some good lanes in which to run. I look for him to have a decent game--IF the blitz can be picked up. Otherwise, he'll struggle like Alexander in game 1 and Morris in game 3.

  12. That's why I think it's foolish to keep putting more and more security in airports...they got us once there, now they'll try something new.

    By the same token, the Seahawks coaches KNOW the Bears will be practicing ALL WEEK against the 4-WR set, so if that's our main weapon, we're cooked before the game even starts.

    With Mili healthy, and the need for more protection against the superior (to the Gnats) Bear front four, look for more traditional formations, with 4-WRs sprinkled in.