Friday, September 08, 2006

Which One Does Not Belong?

It's Jack Sparrow who will be walking the plank, as although he is a Sea Captain, he's is not a Seahawks Captain!

According to Mike Sando, the Seahawk players elected six team Captains, two each from Defense, Offense and Special Teams. The other three not pictured are Ken Hamlin, Walter Jones and Isaiah Kacyvenski.

Matt and Walter are obvious choices on offense, as is Tatupu on defense, and who can argue with Hamlin after what he went through to battle back from a near-death head injury.

However, nobody should be happier about these selections than the two special teams choices, especially perennial "bubble boy" Isaiah Kacyvenski. With the Seahawks' depth at linebacker, Kaz's grasp on a roster spot was never so tenuous as it was this season, and I'm sure this is a welcome vote of confidence. And while J.P. Darche is a integral part of the S.T. squad, he too had serious competition for the long snapping job during training camp this year.

So as embark on the unchartered waters known as the 2006 season, it's good to know we have these six brave men at the helm of the team, charting their course to Miami to claim their due treasure, pirated away by those Pennsylvania land-lovers.

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  1. I know one thing...

    They're all badasses.

    Still surprised Josh Brown wasn't selected, but oh well. I thought his helmet throw after the Cowboys game earned it.

  2. Yeah, but which one of those captains is going to drive me to the game?

  3. Captain Jack Sparrow I mean Johnny Depp should raise the 12th man flag sometime. I don't care if he is or isn't a Seahawks fan we can make him one.