Thursday, September 21, 2006

Week 3 Knockout Pool

Been away at a conference all week so I haven't even figured out who got knocked out and who's still in! Some folks have emailed me their picks already, so the Contenders list will be updated shortly.

For those who haven't, your pick must be submitted the day before the game, and if you don't submit a pick for a week you will be DQed. To submit your pick, either post it in the Comments section, or email me at I will post the picks in the Contenders link, along with the teams used each week.

Good luck!

This Week's Matchups

Contenders and Picks

Official Knock Out Pool Rules

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  1. This weeks games are much harder to pick than last, no gimmes.

    I'll go with the Loins beating the Pukers.

  2. The Ravens over the Browns


  3. If i'm gonna go down i'm goin down a Seahawk so give me the SEAHAWKS TO DOMINATE THE GIANTS.

  4. Miami over Tennesee

  5. Dolphins over the Flaming Thumb Tacks!

  6. Huh, this is getting hard... I wanted to pick the Colts again.

    Screw it - its a huge game this weekend, we need to beat the Giants to get some respect... so I'm not going anywhere near it!

    Falcons over Saints.

  7. Dolphins over Oliers, I mean Titans.

  8. Looks like I forgot to pick. Oh well. If I forfeit, I forfeit. If I can still pick for monday nights game, I'll pick the Falcons.

  9. check - I gave you the hometown discount and hooked you up with the Seahawks. Drop me an email since the one I have for you doesn't work anymore.