Wednesday, September 06, 2006

"Where's That Hand Going?" with Morons (NFC West Edition)

An unprecedented trifecta for your captioning pleasures.

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  1. To this challenge I say....BRING IT ON!!!!

    Pic 1
    All game long Zach Kasey had yearned for a chance to try out the new testicle tackle technique that Master Slovor had taught him the night before. He only hoped that Markus Currey would enjoy it as much as he did.

    As a special teamer, coaches always told Zach Kasey to try to punch the ball out. Unfortunatley for Markus Currey, Kasey takes his instructions very literally.

    Pic 2
    Suddenly Matt Lienart realized that the burning sensation Paris Hilton gave him was extending beyond his nether regions. "Damn, I should have stayed with that basketball player I knocked up. She was sweet."

    Even though he was supposed to be attending to Matt Leinart's arm, the young Arizona trainer could only watch in horror as Brenda Warner, angry at a hot dog vendor, transformed into Mechagodzilla.

    Pic 3
    Jeff Wilkens extended his hand to Dane Looker. "Don't be afraid Dane," However, Dane couldn't help but shriek in terror as Torri Holt transformed into a zombie. "He's mentally tough, Dane. He can snap out of it."


    Jeff Wilkens snickered. "Dude, if we let Shaun Alexander run through us, maybe we can both join the Seahawks!" Dane Looker shook his head, "I don't know Jeff, I'm pretty sure we play football...not red rover."

    (I tried to not play the gay card for all of them, because its to simple. Though that first one, its really hard not to!)

  2. Caught by the TV cameras at a tender moment, the two Rams nonchalantly play it off as a simple case of backslapping. Unfortunately, slow-mo instant replay belies this façade.

  3. "I still think it's when you turn 50 that you're supposed to start getting regular prostate exams, Trainer Jim. I ain't never heard of the 'Carroll Exception' or whatever you call it."

  4. "Wow, you're dilated to 9 cm! It should happen any time now."

  5. (response to #4)
    "Dude, I still think my team doctor should be doing this."