Tuesday, September 26, 2006

NFC West Update: Week 3

Week 3 is in the books across the National Football League. A scary thought, after this week, the season will be a quarter done.

Thanks to some rather brilliant scheduling by the NFL, the division races are all beginning to take shape. In the NFC North, the Bears are not only 3-0, but they are 3-0 against their division. The Patriots are 2-1, but picked up two big divisional wins.

In the NFC West, only the Seahawks have yet to play two divisional games. The purely division standings appear as so.

Seattle 1-0
St. Louis 1-1
San Francisco 1-1
Arizona 1-2

Not a whole lot of seperation so far. The overall standings are this...

Seattle 3-0
St. Louis 2-1
Arizona 1-2
San Francisco 1-2

Now, let's handicap the NFC West.

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  1. Good stuff, again Alan.

    Its a shame we dont get the division opponents earlier like they've been getting each other---shame for THEM. We're going to be clicking on nearly all cylinders by the time we start facing STL and SF. Our defense just begs to be scored on---legitimately. All the TDs scored on us this year have been in garbage time.

  2. It's the NFL conspiracy. They figured that with all the so-called curses stacked up against us, they'd schedule our division games late in the season, hoping one of the JV teams in the NFC W could steal the division crown from us while we're nursing injuries. NOT GONNA HAPPEN!

    Sando had a telling stat that says the Seattle defense has not given up a TD when holding a single digit lead. Impressive.