Saturday, September 30, 2006

Seattle I am Dissapointed

I was listening to Seattle sports radio today and I am surprised at how many Seahawks fans are unappreciative of Shaun Alexander. I admittedly have said that this team can probably win a few games without him but people are speaking about Alexander like he is some scrub running back and not the reigning MVP. We need Alexander to make this offense roll and there is no way we would have made it to the Super Bowl without him last year.

There was a big debate before last year if Alexander should be resigned, and their were a lot of Alexander bashers who didn’t want him but I though that last years performance changed all of that guess again.

I think Maurice Morris will do an average job for this offense while filling in for Alexander. Maurice Morris is not Shaun Alexander he is a back up anywhere in the league not just in Seattle. Quit making Morris sound like he is a great back. He is average at best. Marquis Weeks did better than him in preseason and probably should have got the job.

I’ve heard people say he did well in the Washington game last year. NO HE DIDN’T. He got a few 3 and 1 conversions that kept a drive going but that’s it plus he was running to the left side. Morris and Alexander are not on the same level quit making them sound like they are.

Now to stop bashing Morris lets get back to Alexander. Can we stop with the soft thing? Why is it that when Alexander breaks off a big run it is because of the offensive line getting a good push, and when he looses yardage or gets stopped at the line of scrimmage its solely his fault and the line had nothing to do with it. Alexander dances around in the backfield get over it its what kind of runner he is.

Usually when there’s not a hole he falls down. Really if its 2nd and 10 does it matter. I would rather have him fall down for no gain on 2nd and 10 then hit the hole hard for a yard, because it keeps his longevity up. If it 3rd and short or a goal line carry and he did that it would make me mad but he doesn’t in those cases he gets the tough yardage.

Now I heard a few people say he was selfish for saying he was healed just because he wanted touchdowns even if it meant hurting the team. Since when did it come to a guy playing through an injury make it a selfish thing. If Hass was injured and wanted to play through it it’s because he’s a team first guy if Alexander does the same thing it’s because he’s selfish I don’t understand.

Why oh why has Seattle not grasped Shaun Alexander. This guy has done nothing but rack up yards and touchdown for the Seahawks and he’s done it with a smile. No off field issues just hard work and production but for some reason some fans brush him off to the side. For any other team Alexander would be a superstar but all some Seattle fans seam to do is criticize.

Why haven’t we grasped him like Griffey, A-Rod, Ichiro or Gary Payton? Frankly I am disappointed in how some people view Shaun Alexander. He’s the league MVP he’s our MVP can we treat him accordingly instead of bashing him.

I know it’s not everyone but I want to know why, so my fellow Seahawks fans explain to me why some just mistreat Alexander.


  1. Shaun Alexander unquestionably has the best vision in the NFL of ANY player. While is underappreciated, I think most fans who dont like him tend to listen to the ESPNs of the world. They're prolly the same fans who only watch teams when they make the playoffs.

    As for Morris...he could start for a few teams. Granted, it leads you to wonder why he wasn't picked up in the offseason then, when he couldnt find a starting job. I agree with Alexander on this front: Teams missed out. Hes different from Shaun, and I like the timing of this because its something fresh for the Bears to worry about. The Giants didnt respond well when we changed our style on them. Morris hits the hole FAST and gains positive yardage whenever he can. He does have a knack for going down quickly, but our oline is STILL the best in football (yup I said it) he should be able to dodge a few hits. HEs a downhill runner---and has to be because hes smaller than the average back. The one thing he does similar to Shaun is the all-or-nothing gameplay. He either gets stuffed, or gains a ton.

    Morris has never complained, and has done nothing but be a good contributor when needed for us. However, you'll have to give him one more game than this Bears matchup. Morris almost won the starting job from Shaun few years back, but obviously thats a farcry from now.

    Bottomline is, the Bears cant sleep on him---and our 4 receiver sets turn into 5 receiver threats---Morris can catch.

  2. I, for one, am a huge Alexander fan. That said, I am very much looking forward to what a REAL West Coast Offense-type back can do in this offense. I expect Holmgren to open up the playbook, hopefully with screens galore. I recall back when Ricky Watters was on the club the screen used to be an unstoppable play for the offense. With SA, not really. I hope Morris can resurrect some of that late-20th century magic for the team.

    Again, that said, I will not get to see much of this game, due to Sunday evening being prime schoolwork time for me. I hope to catch at least the second half, but I'm not really planning an awards post. Anyway, go Seahawks, and I expect them to win by 3 points.

  3. I've never understood all the SA bashing either, it makes zero sense whatsoever.

  4. Maybe it is because he makes it look so easy,, and always grinning

  5. I also don't understand it, but I'm pretty sure it's well documented on this site.