Friday, September 15, 2006

Random Musings on a Pretty Uneventful Week 1 and Week 2

A tribute to French-Canadian long-snapper J.P. Darche:

What a horrible, horrible week in Seahawk-land, eh? J.P. Darche was placed on IR this week and is done for the year, eh.

In other news, ex-Bronco QB Bradlee Van Pelt is scheduled to tryout. Oh, and Seattle acquired a wide receiver from the Patriots for future considerations and signed him to a long-term deal. Other than that, nothing much happened really.

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  1. I think Holms was more concerned with the mental errors and penalties, than he was with Ashworth and Pork getting beat like rented mules!

    I also think you're right that Week 2 will be a statement game. Cards don't have the element of surprise, like the new-look Lions did, and their defensive front is nowhere near as stout.

    Warner is also not the most mobile QB in the league, and so he won't be able to hit his stud receivers down the field if he's flat on his back holding his groin!

    Last week the defense won the game for us, but all the stories were about the offense. This week I expect the reversal - the offense will win the game, but the stories will be about the shut-down defense!

  2. I think the Walrus is whipping the savvy veterans this year because he knows he has young players with talent behind them for once. I'm looking at you Spencer and Simms. Throw those boys in at guard and you have a great mix of vets and youngin's, with generous amounts of talent scattered throughout.

  3. I gave the defense some love on my post-game posts on the Street and J-Pete's AAS page.

    Since the Cards haven't improved their O-line at all, the improved 'Hawks D should shut them down. Edge only got 73 yards rushing against THE 49ERS, not exactly an elite defense. The Cards will not score a lot of points (if any), so I agree with Alba about the offense winning the game, and the stories to be about the defense.