Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Breaking News: Darche Goes on IR

Long snapper J.P. Darche is out for the season with a hip injury. Seahawks F.O. scrambling to find replacement. Didn't we have a young TE in training camp that could also do this? Can't remember his name.

Link to Item on Sando's Blog

Link to Alba Item on AOL Blog

Interview with Darche

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  1. pitchin from PDX9/13/2006 01:53:00 PM

    And the link to my Adopt A Seahawk page:

    Sadly, I'll now have to find the second most obscure Seahawk to adopt. Perhaps if Chris Cooper lasts...

  2. Unflappable Tim Ruskell hasn't met a problem he can't solve with an ex-Buc or ex-Falcon!

    According to Sando, Seahawks just signed Derek Rackley to replace Darche.

    And for all you nay-sayers who wanted to jetison my boy Scobey to make room for Branch, he has just been named ST Captain in lieu of Darche.

  3. Maybe I'm guilty of overthinking this here situation, but aren't Spencer and Tobeck centers, and also already on the team? Why not one of them?

  4. FIrst, CitK I don't think that you are overthinking at all, in fact to me it seems that the coaching staff is underthinking a bit there, I agree with you completely. But whatever, I realize that long snapping is a different thing than regular snapping, but still good grief, in todays game of specialized skills, it has become a bit silly IMHO.

    Second, DAMN! I knew I shouldn't have thrown that banana peel at his feet, now look!

  5. And for all you nay-sayers who wanted to jetison my boy Scobey to make room for Branch, he has just been named ST Captain in lieu of Darche.

    YAY GO SCOBEY. Hey alba i love Scoobs too so isn't he our boy.

  6. I know, Monkey. That comment was intended as sarcasm.

    One reason the team was so good last year is they avoided too many major injuries. Plus, the guys who did go down for spells were replaced admirably by guys stepping up. This year's club already seems a bit more injury-prone, so I just hope they can get some good backup play again, or the "Super Bowl curse" might come true yet again.

  7. Being a center and snapping to a QB is much, much different than launching a pinpoint missile to a holder or a punter.

    Veeerrrry educational link


    pic at the left

  9. Good link there. But here's how I knew it was different.

    A regular snap consists of the ball going in between the legs and handed to the quarterback. Should the offense be in shotgun, the ball must be snapped seven yards back.

    On a punt, the ball must be snapped 17 yards in order to reach the punter. And unlike a shotgun snap, there really is no margin of error on punt snaps. On shotgun, the quarterback can get a high snap or low snap and still have a fairly decent chance at completing the play. A high or low snap to the punter (or field goal kicker) could result in a block. Considering a punter has about two seconds to get the ball in the air, the snap has to be a good one for the best possible punt.

    And now you know, and knowing is half the battle..
    J.P. Darche!

  10. Good take...

    Add to that scenario, they want the snap in the punter's hands in .7 seconds or less, it's quite a skill.

    One thing I appreciated from Holmgren's words on Monday, he said that he honestly couldn't remember a bad snap from J.P.

    Merci beaucoup, Darche, you've been a silent stud.

  11. When I got all the sports stations free from DirecTV during my introductory period, I remember watching the Inside the Seahawks thing on FSN Northwest, where Matt was interviewing Darche about long snapping. To provde the point, Darche was snapping the ball down an aisle of lockers in the equipment room, that was no more than 3-4 foot wide. Did it about 5 times in a row, perfectly down the center of the aisle. Long snapping is one of those jobs that when you do it well, nobody notices.