Friday, September 08, 2006

Dave's 2006 NFL Preview

The 2006 NFL Season is upon us. I've posted my predictions of the standings in each division on page two, along with playoff seeds for each conference.

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  1. Agreed with most of it.

    I think NE is in severe trouble with Branch out, and that division could become a race if he does return.

    Minnesota's a rubix cube, as i put them in my preview. Noone has any idea about their RBs and WRs, because their depth chart changes daily it seems like. They even act like they have any idea as to what they are doing. I know one thing, they still have a very good oline, and that alone will keep any team competitive. Their defense doesn't do it for me, and neither does their lack of skill position talent on offense. Even if Troy Williamson emerges, theres going to be a target on his back, and they are back to square one.

    Minnesota is the anti-Arizona on offense. You could build one of the most formidible offenses in the NFL if you took Minny's oline and added Arizona's skill position players.

  2. Good stuff Dave. I agree with everything you said. That was some good analysis.